Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glenelg, city of Holdfast Bay


Located only 10km from the heart of Adelaide City, Glenelg is a charming seaside resort set on the long sandy white shores of Holdfast Bay.

Duno why it’s called holdfast bay, hahaha. It is the most popular coastal region of Adelaide due to its close proximity to Adelaide city centre and tram service to the very door of Glenelg. Being a popular destination, there are shops there too for shopping, just like another small shopping cum relaxing place. You can be at the shopping heaven of rundle mall or food heaven of gouger street and the next minute, you are on the tram to Glenelg for relax and sunset, HOW GOOD is that?


IMG_6538 IMG_6541IMG_6539

A lot of people went there just for the weekend, sit back and relax, a picnic for the family, reading books, enjoy the sea breeze….etc. There's also a water theme park though a small one.

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There are apartments along the seaside, although i duno whether there are for rent or wat.

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I have walked a long distance to find this old rum tree of Glenelg….the minute i saw it in the brochure, i wana get there……the curvy shape of the tree trunk looks so fascinating….wahaha. Apparently it was located inside a children playground+park. It’s amazing to me how the tree trunk can bend like that…haha.

IMG_6566 IMG_6572


Basically i have walking around the city of holdfast bay in a big circle. There’s a habour too, and where the “buffalo” ship stay. It is a historical old ship now turned into a restaurant. How nice to have a meal on top of it!!!!

IMG_6589 IMG_6590

The gates controlling the sea water flow into the habour and also doors entry and exit of small boats.

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Right below the apartments i mentioned above, there are heaps of restaurants for those savor in foods or a glass of wine or beer. It’s always nice to sit by the seaside enjoying some wine/beer and food while chit-chating with frens!!!

IMG_6608 IMG_6613

Snapped the sailing boat above with a man walking on the beach….i always like this kind of photo!!! Though it may seem lonely or wat….but i like the feeling generated from this kind of picture. N it certainly reminded me of Friend+SHIP.

IMG_6618 IMG_6617

Fishing around the coastal region is favourite past time for many….u’ll see someone fishing everywhere along the jetty. I found many among the fishers are Asians from Korea, mainland China and Jap like this activity.

IMG_6621 IMG_6624

Saw this special car parking along side the road. Looks super cool, hehe. Icre-cream is famous there. So i tot i gave one of them a try. Bought myself a Coperhangen ice-cream, tasted vy good…hehe.


Have been trying to capture a good photo of this tram-crossing sign post elsewhere, this was the best i got so far!!! really like this sign post….duno watever reasons, but it look special to me, hehe.

IMG_6630 IMG_6640

As dawn approached at 9PM…..the sunset there was magically awesome, no clouds, just the sun, the empty sky and the vast sea. Hoped Malaysia have such a place too especially in the hectic life of KL/PJ….Glenelg is kind of like Port dickson to Seremban but being more clean and well-developed and NEARER!!!!


  1. Haha..What a funny combination of Friendship. It should be Human+Ship.