Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour down Under 2009 in SA 18.01.2009

Loitering a bit around rundle mall and rundle street before heading down to tour down under event.

Adelaide central plaza with a huge skeletal dinosaur display in front in line with dinosaur exhibition in SA musuem.

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Adelaide CBD famous Rundle st market every Sunday selling arts and crafts.

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Tour down under in SA at East terrace rundle park. All bikers and fans rushed to the race to watch it and secured a good spot for good view. Some even bring foldable chair and snacks for a enjoyable watch. The famous Lance Armstrong whom had survived from testicular cancer that spread to his lung, abdomen,...was in the race too to spice up the race. Many were there to see and give support to Lance for his come back to the road cycling race after his 2005 retirement . His recovery and determination has inspired many, it was now in book too. Though he didn’t won the race, i guessed it’s more of a training and testing for him before Tour de France which he consecutively won 7 times breaking any world record!!!

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It was quite interesting to see a world cycling race even though i have watched of Tour de Langkawi in Kuching when i was young, but maybe at that time i don’t really know how to appreciate it. haha. Here there’s even a bike workshop purposely setup for bike fans to visit and see how those bike mechanics maintain those racing bikes. Bear in mind, cycling in Adelaide is pretty much a sport as it is to football or tennis here, thus the race did drew in a big crowd.

Note: Do you know that there’s even free bikes to rent for whole day in Adelaide, how wonderful it is huh?? They reckoned it’s a good way to enjoy the city and exercise. One day i shall go rent one and ride around the city and along the beaches :).

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