Saturday, July 25, 2009

Port Adelaide & Semaphore 2009.02.06


It was late evening after i done a bit of lab work. Though, it’s still summer sunny, hop on to the bus to Port Adelaide. Port Adelaide is quite far from the Adelaide CBD, took quite a while to reach there. I have always like lighthouse, and there is one in Port Adelaide, THAT became my main reason to go Port Adelaide. Now the lighthouse no longer operates if i’m not wrong, but just for display and a place for Port Adelaide celebration. I was quite excited to see the lighthouse, but the only thing lacking is sea and sea breeze. It was not located on the cape with strong waves hitting the sea cliffs, haha. Still, delighted to see the lighthouse :)

IMG_6676 IMG_6677

Port Adelaide

is quite old in the sense that it boosted many old historical building and is South Australia’s first state heritage area, which is quite true to my eyes. Here is more like a harbour and have a maritime museum.



Haha, while i was there, funny, it’s NOT happening at all, , in fact very empty everywhere, cafes, shops closed, hardly any people around.

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There’s a ferryboat that operates to the sea and claims you will get to see dolphins, and the ticket is quite cheap. But i think it’s also not operating that day. So i just basically walked around the little port.

IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6708 IMG_6711

As the time approach sunset, i just walked all the way to find the nearest sea or beach where i can get a good view of sunset, on the map the beach named Semaphore seems quite close, HAHA, but HELL NOOOOOOO, i walked and walked and NOOOOOOO sign of any beach and the sun is setting down soon……, later i just followed the direction of the sun to bring me to the sea, until i have to run in some places to keep pace with the sun.

IMG_6714 IMG_6722 IMG_6725 IMG_6726

Just when i thought i will fail to see sunset, i saw signs of the sea horizon. And i was so excited that i ran and ran till i reach the beach and lucky that i was able to see the sunset in front of my eyes after all the effort. In fact, i felt very happy and energetic, as i was running with my mp3 playing some great songs. Running towards the sun’s direction at that moment was an entire experience felt like running towards HOPE or DREAM. I don’t know why i got that feeling, but i felt FANTASTIC like dream fulfilled. Never have i felt like this in a run, LOL.

IMG_6738 IMG_6746 IMG_6773 IMG_6778

The beach was AWESOME, with a big wide esplanade, and strong wind brought up all the sandy sand like tiny desert storm.

One thing i sure hoped i could do in the future, is what the photo above shows, strolling along the beach with my dog (i wish to have German shepherd, hehe). See, one thing i like about the beaches here is that it is free and belong to no one, no hotel, no development, no resort. Anyone can visit the beaches anytime and do what you like. You have the stretches and stretches of sandy beach to yourself. Imagine trying to bring your dog to damai beach??? i’m sure it’s not allowed, needless to say bring your bike to ride along the beach.

IMG_6805 IMG_6812



is actually a small sailor’s town, with many retired captains….and that town gave me a very warm feeling, people here are just care-free, enjoying fine dining in the restaurants with wine, chating, laughing……like that little town a lot.



After strolling a bit around the streets, it was late, and i don’t know what bus to catch to go back Port Adelaide and don’t know what’s the bus’s schedule, so i just decided to walked back to Port Adelaide following signboards, ahaha. Really felt like a lonely looooooooooooooooong walk, felt like 流浪汉,hahah, the only thing was i’m not drunk. Walked a FAIRLY LONG distance back, luckily when i reached Port Adelaide, i was just minutes before the last bus back to city CBD operates, haha.

Traveling around Adelaide have make me WALKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK miles and miles……but i’m contented and happy after every trip though tired. :)

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