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Blackhill and Morialta conservation park hike 9th-March


There are so many national parks and conservation/reserve parks in South Australia and there are a few near to Adelaide. Morialta is among them that is close to city (~10km from north east of Adelaide CBD). Without knowing much what this national park will offer except knowing that it has big deep gorge, and few pretty waterfall (at least that’s what i’ve read), i’m on the bus there on a sunny Sunday.

Although the Adelaide metro bus system brings u there, but not exactly to the doorstep or inside the national park. I have to stop at the closest stop and walk. Before i actually reached the entrance of Morialta conservation park, i can see boundaries of the park. One small entry into the bushes directly caught my attention though not knowing where it’ll lead me (i thought i’ll get to the conservation park car park still somehow), i just went in and started my bushwalking. But it’s actually a long walk uphill, all the way upppppppppp. I was gasping a lot as it’s been a long time since i walk uphill. Finally after 15-20 mins continuous walk uphill, i was blessed with a more flat route, and a splendid view when i looked back :)

I can see the whole Adelaide CBD from up there :).

IMG_7107 IMG_7109

Can u spot the kangaroo in the bottom picture????

IMG_7111 IMG_7112

I was actually walking over a hill called Blackhill which actually not consider part of Morialta but a conservation park itself. And Blackhill conservation park is link together with Morialta conservation park :). So while walking on top of blackhill, the view on top was pretty good as the picture below shows :). There’s also a couple of trails here and one of them is “pretty corner trail” which by its words caught my attention, wondering what view it will offer it trek this trail, haha.

IMG_7122 IMG_7123

And unfortunately, it’s extra walking uphill……arghhhhhhhhh. Still i persisted, hoping i will blessed with some panoramic view of Adelaide hills. Yet, i reached a junction that told me that the trail was where i had just walked a couple of minutes ago. Then, i was “what the??? where’s the pretty corner???”

IMG_7124 IMG_7125

Not bothered about pretty corner anymore, i opted the trail that will lead me to Morialta car park. And amazingly the trail turned up to be something that was pretty new to me!!!

New vegetation with plants that grows on the edge of hills and rocks. It’s the first time i saw those plants in the wild and there are heaps of them. And this side of the hill is more rocky with some beautiful rock shapes :)

IMG_7134 IMG_7140

Finally after walking a fair distance, i knew i’m in Morialta and can see the huge deep gorge and ridges.

IMG_7150 IMG_7152IMG_7162 IMG_7156

As u can see, this place is HUGEEEE but very dry because it’s summer when i was there. Can you see the tiny trails in the smaller picture?? That shall give you the scale of the place, haha.

IMG_7155 IMG_7159

Saw this wild flowers popping out of nowhere, quite pretty :)


Morialta is not only famous for its gorge, but also it’s three falls. With first fall being the easiest to reach, 2nd and 3rd higher n higher up. Sadly, it’s summer and all water run driesssssssss, even though i thought that there should at least have some drops of water flowing because it just rained one week ago. But i guessed Australia summer is quite cruel some to water and creeks, haha, NO MERCY for any drops of water.

IMG_7168 IMG_7173 IMG_7174

There's suppose to be water pouring down from here, first fall. But……everything is just as dry as the desert. TOOOOOOOOOO bad……, people i’ve met there told me to come back during winter, where South Australia receives the most rain throughout the year.

IMG_7180 IMG_7188

Saw this odd dried up plant, which instantly came into my mind as some ape which we have owez seen in the old movies, haha.

IMG_7191 IMG_7195 IMG_7197 IMG_7200

Saw the poster here with the picture on first fall??? Pretty isn’t it??? It suppose to be like that, too bad……i told myself i shall come back to see the waterfall during winter or spring, hehe. On the way back to the ACTUAL Morialta conservation park entrance, saw this GIANT CAVE which first thought, MUST be vyvyvyvy big, but it’s actually vyvy small compared to any cave i have seen, lol.

IMG_7217IMG_7208IMG_7209 IMG_7220

hehe, this time- can u spot the sleeping koala?? DUn tell me u cant, lol.







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