Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wonderful dinner at Xiao’s house 2009/03/08


It was very nice of Xiao to have invited me to her house for dinner though we barely knew each other well yet. But it’s very easy to get along with Xiao, haha.

The dinner was on a Sunday with the following Monday a holiday. Though she invited, i was not sure whether i’ll join or not as kangaroo island filled my mind. I was hoping to go kangaroo island during that weekend. But in the end i’ve decided to join the dinner as i realized it’s too hard to organize such a short trip to a place which is better enjoyed using at least 5 days, and i couldn't find any one to go along, haha.

But i must admit that i’m GLAD i’ve joined the dinner. Xiao’s house was awesome and stylish. Imagine a double storey apartment on the highest level with two balcony each facing east and west. Watch sunrise on the east amid the Adelaide hills as backdrop and sunset over the west, HOW good can one get??

And most importantly, i get to meet new ppls and make new friends :)

IMG_0236Here’s Xiao with her husband, Wayne. Wayne is real master chef, haha. He cooks international food while Xiao cook Chinese food. IMG_0240

We had an AWESOME spanish meal that night with fine wine and Sangria which is a type of cocktail.IMG_7088

Wayne cooked us Spanish-style squid,


Spanish seafood rice with mussels named “paella”.

IMG_0238 IMG_7098

There’s Wayne, Kiwi, Xiao, Michael, Pike See and Me (left to right) :). Kiwi’s from HK, while Michael and Pike See both are from M"’Sia. All working or studying in IMVS. I fall in love with Sangria that i drank alot, haha. Really like it, will try to learn how to make it myself one day. Hehe, have to get the recipe from Wayne, he make really good Sangria according to Xiao who have a good taste bud and tasted food all over the world. We all finished the food, and i was to clear up any that was left behind, haha. First time tasted Spanish food and Sangria which both taste AWESOME!!! Banyak thanx to Xiao for inviting me, hehe.


Then we had biscuit tiramisu as dessert. Kiwi made this biscuit tiramisu. Hehe, looked special?? Taste AWESOME too, haha. Again, first time saw such type of tiramisu, haha.

IMG_0242 IMG_0244 IMG_7092

Here’s the sunset view from the west side balcony, how nice!!!

We chat alot, Michael can talk very well, haha. Learned and heard alot of stories, haha. It was a WONDERFUL nite, i’m glad that i chosen to join the dinner instead of Kangaroo island. No regrets!!! YEAH!!!!

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  1. Great job Eddie! You should have get it done earlier!