Saturday, November 21, 2009

Once in a lifetime musician: Konstantin Shamray!!!

P300409_18.0230th April 2009, Elder Hall, Adelaide: Never thought i would have a chance to witness such a talented pianist here. He is just amazing yet humble person. This rare opportunity was arranged by the Elder hall, which is the uni organization that arranged all the concerts, recitals,…etc every semester!!! Compared to UM, UM can put aside lar, hahahha. There are showcase and musical session almost every Friday for view performed either by the students or other groups, and there are also night concerts with various renown musicians visiting Australia.  Bought this ticket at a reasonable price for a student pass, otherwise to watch him performing live in a concert, the price can easily go up to 40$ at least for the cheapest!!! Surprisingly, many who attend the recital are old couples or old man, wondered why!!! Perhaps not many people in Adelaide appreciate classical anymore as much as those elderly do. TOO BAD for them!!!! Or not many knew about it.

P300409_19.25[01]P300409_19.28For your info, Konstantin is from Russia and has been the recipient of several Foundation awards. Performed in many concert halls in Moscow and other cities in Russia and also in Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Crezh Republic and the US. Recently, he has won 1st prize and 8 special prize in the 2008 Sydney International Piano competition. Can u imagine dat? haha, that’s what make him so good!!!

P300409_19.54P300409_22.40Indeed, seeing him perform live is like seeing Beethoven to me or Rachmaninov perform live. His hands are so fast that u felt like you are seeing an octopus playing with many tentacles. The only drawback is the grand piano is not as good as he is, the grand piano is an old one.  In fact, the recital is meant for collecting fund to buy a new grand piano for Elder hall.

He practiced his play as if he is working for a job, even more hours for a performance!!! Imagine just playing the piano with the same piece over and over again to perfect it!!! That’s how much time and passion one such as him put into his career.

Oooo, i wish i noe how to play piano like him!!! i love the look of the grand piano!!! Wish i own one in the future, hahahha. But i guessed i’ll hv to learn how to play piano first, what i’ve learned before during the last 2 months in K2J all hilang dy. Sigh!!! Being aiming to buy a casio C-100 keyboard, but ………, sigh!!!! :(

IMG_0335My colleague who can play piano very well was so touched by his performance that she shed a few tears claiming that he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! Imagine that, haha.  Guessed his age!!!!! Looked mature and good looking rite??? Some more, tall lagi!!! He is just 24!!!!!!


This were the pieces his played and he added a few extra after he got high!!! haha. Everyone gave him a loud long applaud after his finished. I wished to shout “bravo” like what i saw in the Nodame series, but no one did that, maybe everyone was too shy or that is not the culture here yet.

Got his signature off him, haha, very happy!!!



  1. Only elder emjoy it, means u are 1 of them lo..faster learn piaono, for ur better "future"..haha

  2. wahahaha. I will, or i'll let my children learn, not neccessary piano but any musical instrument, haha.

  3. hello, i was searching for Konstantin Shamray's 2010 tour dates and came across your blog. Will u be going to his concerts this year?

    Impressed by your blog full of travel, music and life experience :) keep it up!