Friday, November 6, 2009

In memory of Michael Jackson’s spirit, love and music: This is it


I’m a person that will pay tickets to cinema for movies that i think well-worth. That usually occurs with big production or cool stunts such as, Matrix, the LOTR, transformers, …etc. Otherwise i rather download or wait for someone to have them and grab from them.

Somehow i know the movie: This is it, is not something i mentioned above, but as i’m curious of what Michael is like at backstage and of course i’m a big fan of his songs and dance and still will be, i just went to watch last night.

Surprisingly, there were quite some people in the same theater room. Normally, not many people would go for a movie in Adelaide as the tickets are considerably expensive if without any discount. This mean there are quite a lot of MJ fans who are same as me, willing to pay a ticket just to watch MJ.

michael-jackson-this-is-it-009It turned out that i like the movie quite a lot. Shed some tears twice, haha. Although it looks a bit like documentary style or the making of a movie, but it is through this movie, that i’ve seen MJ more closely, his character, his attitude, the person behind screen. In this movie, i really found out that MJ is such a music talented person, he knows all his songs so well, the keys, he arrange the songs the way he wish audience would like to hear, change the song plays, he direct the stage and the dance. Also, you’ll found that MJ has a kind side in which he always thank people, bless people, appreciate what people have done. One can see that he really worked hard for the concert, train and train, try n try again. He has hopes for the world, for planet earth, telling of the dangers of Global Warming and the lack of reversible time left.

michael-jackson-this-is-it-abfMJ's concepts are often jaw-droppingly impressive. Even by just watching the snippets of the concert intended to be, i can imagine how grand and massive the concert will be. In the concert, Thriller was to involve a 3-D sequence, with all the different mummies which looks really awesome, effects footage for Smooth Criminal blends Jackson into film noir classics opposite Humphrey Bogart and Rita Hayworth showing MJ escaping again and his slow version of The Way You Make Me Feel looks like a super-sized tribute to Old Hollywood musicals. I REALLY LOVE this jazzy version of The way you make me feel. Unfortunately it was not in the accompanying album of this is it.

There’s also a new video sequence for Earth song, featuring a small girl who wanders through an abundant forest, falls asleep, and wakes up to find the forest destroyed by man. The progressively lost of Amazon forest caused him to write this beautiful song.

Shed tears as i knew it was regrettable that i won’t have any more chance in my life to see this person, king of pop live in concert anymore. haha.

michael-jackson-this-is-it-c93The movie is not GREAT as in movies you would have seen for all the other action-thriller movies, but i think it’s really well-worth and you get to listen to those all time favourite MJ songs and watch all the cool dance again!!!If you are a MJ fan, i'm sure this movie will entertain and amaze you!!!! He will always be the KING OF POP!!! no doubt!!!

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