Sunday, November 22, 2009

My ordinary life (1)…

My life in Adelaide have its excitement, and mundane moments. Have moved once since i'm here from my city west apartment which i stayed 2 mths with killing high rental fees to Marleston.  The city west apartment is a good one to live in, new and clean and best of all, it’s within the CBD which means i’m in the city center, can walk to anywhere without having to take the bus. Even better, as all the bus pass through the CBD, i can catch any bus i want and also easier for me to watch any events held in the CBD especially during night time because i can walk.

IMG_5424 IMG_5428  IMG_5765

IMG_6139Something good which i like and hate of my bedroom was that it face the east. Haha, the early sun shine shine directly at me especially during summer, by 7am my head kena the intense laser beam of sunlight waking me up like an alarm but disturbing my sleep, haha.

During my stay here, for the 1st few weeks, i have been sleeping on my jacket instead of a proper pillow, till i finally cant tahan, and bought myself a comfy pillow, haha.

My lines of postcard or cards that i bought or picked up for free or received just in 2 mths. One thing surprising me was u can get free postcards at many locations in Adelaide for free, though it may not be the best post cards, but certainly some of them looked cool and pretty and also some comes v good messages!!!

Haha, however, i cant afford it with my “ngam ngam hor” allowance, haha. Continue living in the city west apartment means i have to continue being conservative in my spending, no $ for eating out, no excessive spending, no travel.

2mths later i moved into western suburb called Marleston which is a house instead of an apartment. It’s much cheaper and affordable though a bit old and not very well taken care of, haha. Still, it’s good enuf for me, got my own room still which is not too big nor too small.

 IMG_8453 IMG_6843

This house have a big front yard and backyard though sadly no gardens, haha. Hate it every time the grass in the front yard grew long, have to wait for the owner to call people to come over and lawn,  otherwise, all our shoes will become wet while crossing through after rain. THough, the backyard did have few trees, and one of them is a fruit tree, not sure is peach or nectarine!!


The kitchen not so bad lar, haha.


My room… in the earlier days. This time, there’s only one window which somehow does not allowed enough sun light into which a bit of annoying, the room felt like a grey blue room during autumn and winter. Siting in there will influence your mood become blue, haha.

IMG_6846 IMG_6849

My room again in the later days, …..As i mentioned before, winter is freezing cold, too cold till i cant sleep properly for few nites as the temperatures drops during midnight, owez waking up the next day yawning and not enuf sleep,  hence bought myself a wool quilt during winter which really make a HUGE difference. Even bought myself a pair of thick wool socks, haha. Spring is the best time for weather :) I miss spring and autumn, haha.
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  1. your too tidy to be true...

  2. will you take a photo of your room and put up on the net that looks like a dog nest??