Saturday, September 4, 2010

To NSW(14): The last dinner at Lowenbrau, the rocks…

Everything has to come to an end, even though it’s a good one, as was my time in Sydney. No doubt, I had a FANTASTIC time in Sydney, met SK & WY, made other new friends I never thought would happened, seen most of what i wanted and planned to see. Even break the rule of NO GAMING in Sydney, playing dota till late midnight.Have not touch any game since I came over to Adelaide. It has been a GREAT 2-weeks spent over there, gained a lot which I didn’t anticipated, made me for once while in Australia MALAYSIAN again, haha. Those guys are all going back to Malaysia, except Jonanthan who remained there while I have to go back to reality again…

So many feelings and thoughts rushed through my head the night before my departure back to Adelaide while trying to zzzz. From a noisy, busy, happening house back to a four wall house…Found it hard to accept, LOL, like a dream shattered to pieces. Even though, I did spent quite a bit, but all well-spent and definitely NO REGRETS!!! yeah!!!

Anyway, life is back to normal and got more to catch up, to do, to focus on before you even realized, lol. Time never stop to wait for u...That’s life…

The dinner at Lowenbrau, a German pub. We came on one of the night before but was too late, still, WY wanted to bring us to this place so much, that we came back to the place again and we were lucky this time :). The place is a very hearty place and quite famous i guessed, as they were many customers, i quite like the ambience there with german musical performances and real german speaking waiters/waitress dress in german country dress code.

Have a great time time, great german meal and drink. My first time drink german beer and shots, lol. It’s kinda a gathering for them all which i kinda being included, haha. Thanks to them again.

These youngsters do really like to drink, don’t they?? haha.
 IMG_4126 IMG_4128
 IMG_4130 IMG_4131

Cheers for all with the german shots!!! some taste like strong cough syrup, really duno why there are made to taste like this, lol.
IMG_4132 IMG_4133
 IMG_4134 IMG_4135

WY got a lovely gift from his uni mates (the 2 gals),  can see WY was touched, haha, bit teary i think, hahaha (though that night he was acting not so himself dy, lol, perhaps of the leaving).
IMG_4136 IMG_4153

SK wanted vy much to take photo with the lady, haha saying it’s special.
IMG_4138  IMG_4144

Photos, and photos…
    IMG_4159 IMG_4160

So great to have know them and a BIG THANKS to them :)
IMG_4163 IMG_4164