Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Memorable Tabur trip...Yeahhhhhh!!!

Back on The other side of Bukit Tabur ....

A view of the dam and the ridge (the other trek)

Capturing the early sunrise

The mountain range amidst the mist

Genting from afar...

That's me and Beh trying to fix the tripod

Haha, glad i brought the tripod :)

Miss you guys alot and the happy moments....wahahha, and bukit tabur :)

Wondering through the bushes

Heading for the next peak in front...

Getting through the rocky sharp quartz ridges

Beh acting?? I has no idea, but he seems like acting the hulk?? or someone trying to roar!!!

Beh meditating in such a beautiful backdrop....

Helping each other to move on :) That's the spirit!!!

That's hj & me :)

Heading toward that last peak!!!

Can you see someone smiling??

Haha, sorry, beh...putting up all your funny acts in... :P

Making the final hike up....

Beh tailing behind...

Trying hard to remain the smile in the middle of a climb?

This is the highest point of the second trail....Yeah!!!

Trying to stare down the deep cliff edges....this is the end of the trek!!!

The other side of the quartz ridge, wonder when will there be a trail up there!!!

A funny bug that none have seen before :)

haha, this was the one and the last of the trip( for the time being ) that i suddenly felt like going for another hike to bukit tabur again right just after the tabur trip a week ago, so i dragged the other 3 along for an early morning hike....haha.

Thanks for making the trip, guys!! :)

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