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Hatyai + Songkhla Town Trip !!!! DAy 1

Thailand .......

A place that i have always wanted to go and backpack.....it may seem easy as they are our neighbor. However, NO money No talk, NO time NO talk. I always aim for Bangkok, a place full of culture, heritage, and nightlife. It's one of the busiest city in the world. Everytime when there's a zero airfare, i always ended up not booking any flight. Well, that's disappointing..... But surprisingly, luck came by during last raya..., the idea to go nearby Thailand, Hatyai instead of Bangkok was suggested by Jh, telling me that her colleagues been there and claimed it's not bad a place to visit. Well, people living in the northen part of West Malaysia have travel to Hatyai or other nearby border Thailand towns. It was a great idea to me, as we only had 3-4 days of holidays and it's nearby, you can reach by bus :). Well, we did a couple of check-ups before decided to go there especially the period we went there may have riots or terrorism.....But still the urge and eager to go somewhere OUt of Malaysia was strong, hence....we just DUN care...haha. So lucky that Sz can go too....haha. LuckY!!!!

Too bad Kp and Wx cant make it, the 'Kee Siaw group' made during our last KK trip :)

Anyway......cut short.....

Naluri Aman, the place we stopped by before we reach Thai border to eat and change currency....Better change at KL rather than nearer to Thai.....u'll get more money :)

Yeah....entering neighbouring land.....

Thailand border

This is the claimed 'tuk tuk ' car in Southern Thai, which is very different from the ones in we used to heard of in Bangkok. It's more of a modified truck that pick up passengers instead of goods.

We were greeted and welcome by this Thai McDonald...hehe, things u dun c in Malaysia. U can get pork and prawn meat burger here too, and they sure taste delicious :) DUn miss it

The hotel room we stayed in :)

After we checked in, we straight away arranged for a tour to songkhla (believe me, it's hard to get around thai as ppl speak siam not english......if u r lucky u might stumble upon some siam chineses....but u must know hokkien :), and well, there are some money you just have to give to tour agency to earn....unless u master siam)

Hat na yai :) with the sleeping buddha in Hatyai

What a beautiful temple behind me :), it's really beautiful whereby there are usually shinny in gold colour !!!

After Hat na yai, we headed for Songkhla town which is the capital/ administrative town of Songkhla province!!, Hatyai though seem more advance and bigger is another town which boom out suddenly with the loom in of tourists.

We went to this Folklore Museum, though we din intended to come here in the 1st place....haha, as i said , it's not easy to communicate.....the driver is siam ppl lagi teruk !!!! U better arranged everything in the tour agency properly!

Sawadikap!!! haha, dun think it's the right spelling :P

This is really a BIG BIG museum, it took away alot of our time....we din manage to finish every area of the museum...haha, but it's a good museum to visit if you are interested to see the cultural aspect of thai!!

This picture might be familiar with those taking form 3-5 sejarah( His Story), as this pic showed the how the Siam king cleverly work with the ensglish/french......

These are vy interesting tongkats, with a design on the handle!!!

There even have the 12 anmals in the chinese horoscope!!!

This pictures looks pretty , dun they ??

me showing where i come from...Sarawak!!
Sz acting ....hehe

Oh it's me acting this time, pai seh :P

Jh Ss

Houg and Jh acting
Actually we are not allowed to do so, dun attempt to do this in other places :)

TMC and Sz, bull fighting?? Funny!!!

Duno wat tis is, but it's like sthg to carry ppl or their god statues.....
i found these interesting.....there are many of these funny and weird wooden sculptures!!!

We din went in here....NO TIME.....

Well, the museum is actually located on a hill and on the middle of a lake and sea :)

There is a view tower for a 360 degree scenic view :)

This is the bridge connecting the other end of songkhla and the island.

I like these pics...hehe

Interestingly, there were these funny looking duno wat....so we reguested to take pic :)

Next, we headed for a temple on the highest hill in Songkhla!!! A MUST visit :)

It was crowded when we got there, we thought we dun have the chance to go up as the driver was blahing that we wont get our chances, and by the time we went up and down.....it's gona be very late....we still have alot to visiti....blah blah....luckily we din listen to HIM!!!haha

Hehe, we got ourselves tickets!!!

The lift going up the slope

On top, there were these idioms or quotes of duno who....but all for good teaching :)
This is the white temple~~ for duno who dy....haha, but it was really beautiful and looked so sacred and divine behind the clear blue sky....it was located on the highest.

Around the temple, u'll find that there are bells....

small little elephants??? Thai believe and worship them

All of us....with the white temple behind

As this is the highest place in Songkhla, u'll get splendid view of the songkhla town!!!

U even get the view of the sea as well.....saw the islands in the pic? the island belong has legends to a cat and a mouse!!!
down below after a walk down the stairs, u end up here in a read house...nothing much ...

The view of Songkhla town ...in everyday life

Next, we dropped by Samila beach, the famous beach around Songkhla!!!

By then it was already pretty late, so the driver was starving i guessed, so he sort of pushing us for early DINNER....it was just 5pm....NO CHOICE.....he recommended us here for seafood ( btw, we were lucky abit as our driver speaks some hokkien)

We had....tom yum.....etc, taste not tat nice, not of wat we expected actually, not cheap as well.

Er.... too bored???hahha

This is Samila beach

And this is the famous mermaid!!!

I like this pic very much indeed, people always take pic of the front, but not the back....and it turned out that the back of mermaid is just as pretty as the front.....in fact elegant!!!

By the time, we finished strolling and konica here and there....it was already dark....and we still have 2 places which we didn't go....we wanted to go....but wat to do....too dark dy....sort of wasted our money.....coz we din really wan to have dinner first....we lose our time in the dinner(1hr)

So, we got back to hotel....get cleaned and .....zzzz. hahaha.

But the night is still young rite?? haha, we kept wanted to explore the midnight life of Hatyai....wondering what we'll see!!!!

So, Houg, TMC and me went for a late night walk, pakkua around.....:)

There are different brands of mineral water here!!

Big big tiger prawns!!!! Too bad we din try them out !!!

We did stopped by to try sthg.....

The "wu wei tang" here....Doesn't taste so good as Malaysia's!!! hehe

And also

This....sotong....duno the actual name!!! Squid!! IT TASTE GREAT...but ain't cheap....too bad!!!!

Well, that 1st day of the Hatyai + Songkhla town trip..... Really enjoyed and Tired =.=

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