Friday, December 19, 2008

Last day of Hatyai :)

Well, last day was always the most tired and woke up late :)

Went for last minute shopping for food and clothing. The Thais must be praised for their smart design in t-shirts. Not only were they cheap(most of them are), but they are vyvy creative and cool designs. They always enjoyed changing the orginal design to something different and funny. For example, McD to Mushroom, puma to dead jaguar, KFC kill the chick's father...etc.

After a long shopping hrs in the's time for lunch and get ready for home, too bad. Holidays always end, good moments don't stay long :)....haha, which makes them memorable :)

Had our lunch in a food court....pokkai to kosong dy....

Gosh!! Any i smoking??

This was all the money we all have left.....really pokai...SZ have the most left...coz she earn SING dollar, haha.

These were all the tom yams we managed to order :), but none of them taste good actually....some taste like not tom yam, some taste hot and spicy only, ...

TMC bought this big big ROCKY sticks......she claimed it's the biggest packet size she ever seen!! but it doesn't taste so nice coz too much biscuit and less chocs....wahahaa

Time fly....and oOpppps we r in Malaysia dy...wahaha.

Wahaha. the postcards we bought for ourselves ....

And we each wrote on each others sthg about this trip :), a thing to do for SK group after every trip, wahahha.

Souvenirs we bought for Kp who din manage to go along v us to Thailand. Nevertheless, she is still important, so we bought gifts....a t-shirt from me, a bag from SZ , hahah,postcard from sz and TMC...

We just never forget to enjoy penang food before we left for the midnite bus back to KL...wahaha

Taste not bad....Thx to Jh for the treat and tour.:)

WEll, thinking back then, while i was in the van back to Penang.....they all were cheering and chit-chating behind...fancy bout the rocky sticks...etc, i was siting there looking as things pass my eyes.....cant help but wondered when will i have this chance again to travel along them and SK group....wahaha, and other frens.........There are so many places i wana go and see and have fun with frens....yet only time will tell. Wahahaha, think too much!!!

Well.....but i'm glad i had them as memories :)


  1. too bad im not in d pics.. next trip with SK group, i'll make sure i'm inside!!! hehe. but next trip will one and a half years later hor YY?! i love d pic of SZ and HOUG in white with white background somemore! look really nice! good shot!

  2. hey, we plan to go melbourne probably end of next year..u can join? wanna make the SK trip possible again!!

  3. MC juz text me. count me in lo! hehe (^o^)y

  4. glad to hear that , wx!!! we'll c if we have 'yuan' hahha.