Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hatyai + Songkhla Town Trip !!!! DAy 2

CONC. 2nd day of our little southern Thai trip :)

The morning Hatyai

Our second day starts with free breakfast in the hotel Lee's garden hotel. Not bad, in fact this is one of the highly recommended hotel in Hatyai because it's the newest and the biggest.

Again we arranged van rent with the tour agency....keluar blood....sigh...wat to do...
too bad we din managed to arrange for tiger show as it's illegal here compared to Bangkok, u'll find it unless u ask 'tuk tuk' car ppl, they'll bring u :)

Morning exploration :)

Went to this bz markets, saw this special t-shirt!! haha, but i din buy .

market life of hatyai thai :0

Acting again :P

We din really send out any postcards.....hehe

One of the claimed landmark....but +.+!!!!

After our market exploration, we went back hotel, and rest a while then set out again :)
This time we try different paths.... try this stuffs out!!!

Luckily we met a hokkien aunt in one of the shop then she managed to get us a tuk tuk cheap price and we went to the famous hatyai "guang yin" temple, the 4-face god....etc

On the way, u'll always c this....seems like they are really lawful to their king and queen.

There's even carrefour here, another building that's familiar other than 7-11, McD...

Our siam driver :0

The 4-face god.....

U'll find many elephants here....big and small and tiny ones :)

Here, it's allowed to burn fire-crackers....but in this's gud i think that they build sthg like tis.....ppl can light the fire-crackers without worries :) u can burn them all yr long, not just CNY.

Really lots are burned

And they hanged all the small clothing hanged on the fire crackers with good wordings and wishes on the wishing trees around the temple :), it help to create a beautiful sight :P)

TMC, houg, Jh, SZ

the two wearing whites.....hehe

Next we went up higher in the c this!!! GOLDen hindu statue, believe me, it's massive!!!

This is the highest point, so u get a perfect view of Hatyai :)
Like this 2 pic vy much...hehe

Next we went down to somewhere in the middle of the hills to see quang ying :)

There's this big bell that u can hit...hehe, a gud experience.

Guang Ying :)

U'll find many smaller bells here too around the Guang ying....

There's another place to visit beside...with the entrance being a big dragon mouth :)

Many guang ying statues with the 12 chinese horoscopes :P

Also u'll c this big big huang ti~~
The laughing 'fou', houg is really acting like 1, but u got to eat more get the tummy

In the evening, we went for a relaxing thai's really a gud 2 hr body massage....n even best, it's cheap. 20 thai batt nia.....but kolien the massager.....they earn when they are customer...n they get 8 batt per customer....bad rite??

At nite....we have arranged 'ah kua' show...hehe and something else....hehe
while waiting for our van, surprisingly there is 'you xing' here as well...haha

We were fetched to a place like a theatre to eat first before watch the ah kua show....really super bargain , 30 batt to eat and watch :). the food taste not bad either

the stage before the show

the start, with guy hiting the drum....
Ah kuassssssssssssssssssssss,

some really pretty , tall, slender.....fair..., this one below, have the best cuostume....butterfly design

others so so lo

this 1 with another in red, was the hilarious 1...making fun, forcing audience to touch their boobs and the front....i bet ppl dun wan to touch.....coz...they are fake///

C???? really fake le...their breast wont shake at all!!! Though big!!!

The 2 funny and stange ones again :)

C??Not bad eh??

the queen!!! really scary hahahahha

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