Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bazu dinner :) Apr 9th


Dinner at Bazu Sichuan food, yeah!!!
 It was kinda lab dinner with many from my lab attended, bf, and gf, haha. Being talking about this restaurant long time ago since i heard bout it from Xiao which recommend it as an awesome restaurant for certain Sichuan style cuisines. And finally i’m there, hehe.

This restaurant is located at Gouger st, one of the main st for international food lovers :). This st is food heaven of Adelaide CBD. Every night, restaurants here are packed with people especially during friday and weekends.

The menu from Bazu looks pretty too.
IMG_7264 IMG_7265

The chili spicy chicken boxing was good, not spicy to me but a bit spicy to the aussie, haha.
IMG_7266 IMG_7267

This one here was one of the most delicious, forgot what' it’s call. We wrapped the minced beef meat with wrapper made from tofu.

When it’s wrapped properly, it like this  :).

The roast chicken (bottom right) was just so so.

Overall, some of the food was awesome while some were just SO SO. However, for all 10 dishes, the price was not so bad, $20-30 each. Definitely will come back to try out more dishes, hehe.
 IMG_7275 IMG_7277

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