Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st AFL!!!! Awesome experience!!! 31st May

I’m beginning to like FOOTBALL!!! (i shud said football here is NOT soccer)

All due to this awesome opportunity offered by Greg (my supervisor) to watch the CROWS (one of the Adelaide team) vs Hawthorn (from Victoria) when the game was held in Adelaide :). Prepared myself, went to the game v Greg.

IMG_7947 IMG_7951 IMG_7952
Football is one the major sport in Australia, same like tennis and cricket. Everyone is into them. Either they watch LIVE when they got the chance or at home LIVE. The tickets for the season are quick to be sold out. One can buy seasonal tickets for your favourite team which cost ~ 100-200$ or a bit more(cant remember exact) and you get to watch every match LIVE when they play home!!

The experience is AWESOME and FANSTATIC. Everyone (when i meant everyone, i meant kids, families, gals and guys!!) in the stadium just cheers and ROAR and HIGH when their favourite team score a direct goal (8points compared to side goal = 1 or 2 point). And all the “#@#$$^%$%@!@#@$%#%*” vulgar sentences and complaints when their favourite team player got tackle and did not get the right justification or “BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” all the way or “wat is he doing??? Pass the ball!!! RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! “, all the high and low emotional stimulation and adrenaline pumping was a good experience. You don’t felt like you are the only one shouting or cheering crazily, everyone is crazy here!!! haha. Some shout or cheer so loud as if they are screaming on top of their lungs directly into my ear!!!

As i mentioned earlier, football is a huge topic in Adelaide when the season start. You can bump into a stranger and talk bout football as if you knew him/her for ages!!! Ppl predict and bet who is going to win…etc. There’s a saying that : “Everyone in Adelaide got merrier the next day if the Adelaide team won the game against their rival”. It’s that influential to them!!!!

IMG_7953 IMG_7954 

This is the team i watched, they played pretty well. And slowly i gained a bit of knowledge of how the game play and the Crows became the team i supported, haha. Here, young kids were already trained for football at an early age. So you’ll see when the game have a break, kids coming out into the field playing football which is kinda Cute, haha.

But football is SUCH A BRUTAL game, i just duno how those players got into it, hahha. One knock down to me, i think, i will masuk hospital with fractures here and there. Really dun understand how those boys would get themselves into such brutal game although it 's nice to watch, haha. But certainly not for play!!! Obviously not all are very well built, and energy is not the only winning factor , strategy, team effort, heights and speed are the other winning factors.

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When the game ends, huge crowds just get off their bum. A huge traffic jam, luckily Greg parked his car at a spot that can easily hit the road back. ALl in all, an AMAZING experience!!!!