Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random photos of Adelaide CBD

This post shall be something different, just a mixture of random photos that i don’t really know how to group them in better ways. Many of the photos below were taken when walking from one place to another – walk, saw, snap, walk. One of the many things i shot are statues, which i find fascinating, because this statues are a sign of beauty and something that decorated the streets. Another good object for shots are flowers, there are plenty here, and once again made the everyday walk along the street not mundane. Another abundant subject is building which you’ll find many old english style building still in maintained in good shape till today including Adelaide University. Most of the statues and old english style building are found in north terrace, one of the busiest road in Adelaide CBD. Next, rundle street and rundle mall, the two busiest streets in Adelaide CBD for good food and shopping are always filled with people which attracts many buskers to perform on the street and earn some money. Bands with drums, keyboard, guitarist, violinist, aborigines performing their cool music, street performers, jugglers, magicians…etc. Chinatown sometimes looks pretty with the lights up, otherwise it’s a street full of asians, haha.

IMG_5951 IMG_5955 
North terrace

North terrace

North terrace

Victoria Square and King William street

North terrace and Australia POST building

University of Adelaide

Art Gallery+ University of Adelaide and King William street

Rundle mall (Guess how old is this little girl that perform quite well without any fear!!!)

Rundle mall (Haigh’s chocolate) and rundle street

 P060809_16.48  P180209_20.12
Frome road and near my house’s trees :) (Some colorful birds that look like parrots)

P170509_18.04[02]    P310109_10.12
Chinatown in mid July and ealier CNY

P310109_10.13 P310109_10.13[01]
Chinatown in earlier CNY

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  1. Those trees and colourfull leafs are awesome...well captured.