Saturday, October 31, 2009

Colours of Autumn in Adelaide hills…~ 秋之美 ~ cont.

Autumn around other small towns in the Adelaide hills are as fascinating as the Mt.Lofty botanical garden. You can see some ppl plant these autumn trees in their front yard which make the house looks much more stand out with the vibrant colour of the autumn tree. Here are some photos of Autumn in Bridgewater (famous for the mill) and Sterling (awesome in autumn) which i like a lot :)

 IMG_7829 IMG_7832    IMG_7834 IMG_7835

The mill which is still use now. Very excited to see it for the very first time :)


A track amid the bushes and trees. Isn’t it such a good one for riding a bike or a walk?

IMG_7838 IMG_7859 IMG_7856IMG_7851

A house (right picture) which was quite historical but under repair and renovation somehow, haha.

IMG_7849  IMG_7854

Autumn among the lush greens with a stream!!!! With all those fallen autumn leaves floating :) LOve them!!

   IMG_7861 IMG_7863 IMG_7872 IMG_7873  IMG_7876 IMG_7877

I hope kuching have a playground that looks like that (right picture) :)

 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7887  IMG_7889 IMG_7890 IMG_7893 IMG_7895 IMG_7900IMG_7896   IMG_7929IMG_7901 IMG_7905 

Don’t you like this house??? How awesome to look out of your window everyday during autumn!!!

IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7926 IMG_7928


  1. Yo! I love maple leaves!!! Sien that Msia dun hv four season... >.<