Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vietnam star city 3rd, July 09

Another stop in Vietnam during our world food tour. 
This time it’s Vietnam Star city recommended by Jo. Walked quite far from our work place to get here, located at the far west end of Gouger St. However, the food made the walk well-worth!!!

The ambience was quite alright, not typical Vietnamese style but a bit western setting. Jo recommended we must try this and that including the cold roll and meat ball. Xiao recommended we tried the BBQ quills too but we didn’t as we cant manage so much food, haha.

The best part of the cold rolls is you can make your own misshapen cold rolls out of a stack of round rice paper, a bowl of hot water and the freshest of ingredients (as shown below). First time tried it, and it tasted really GOOD, especially with the nice tasty sauce!!!! Ate alot of these cold rolls, haha. Finger licking good!!! Wondered how they made the thin rice paper!!!!


We also ordered this prawn meat grilled with sugar cane stick, so the prawn meat taste really awesome with sugar cane aroma and flavour. We wrapped bits of the prawn meat we cut with the cold rolls which makes the cold rolls taste even BETTER!!! This prawn meat taste even better than the meat ball, haha.

All of us, Jo, Tash and me went crazy eating, coupled with tasmania light beer. We were all so full after the meal. This was the first time i tasted such nice vietnamese food, definitely will come back for more!!!


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