Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ah Kam Heng dai’s stopover in Adelaide 20th May 2010


It was quite an exciting day, for the first time, a friend from Malaysia visited me (not actually visit, but meet up, lol) in Adelaide, some more a good hend dai (bro) lagi, worse lagi, it’s like almost 2 years we have not seen each other, so it’s kinda really great opportunity to catch up. He’s such a busy guy with his job that only occasionally we chat with one another. What’s even better, it was the 1st time i drove in Australia, haha.

And he so happened to stopover ONLY for a night in Adelaide, though short, but enough to for a decent catch up.

So we drove to the Adelaide hills, it was still autumn though the weather wasn’t really great, mt.lofty view was bit obscured and gloomy, nothing much to see for a guy like him with his job, haha.

Initially thought of bringing kam to see the roos and drop bears, etc, but only to find out that day he have seen those icons in Perth, so we changed our idea to just driving around Adelaide hills which turned up to be a nice one!!!! Especially through the windy roads of Piccadilly and the town of Uriadla. It’s also the first time i saw the golden yellow colour vineyards!!! Pretty views!!!

IMG_7144 IMG_7151 

I told Kam that i really love the drive on that day, with the fresh fallen autumn leaves coming down with strong winds, the fallen leaves blanketed across the road and both sides of the road. It just felt like the scene which always captivate my minds, where car advertisements show the ang mohs enjoying their drive in the country side of Europe, the fallen leaves !!!! It’s just a pity my car wasn’t a sport car, or a convertible car which the roof can retract and fold away so that i can enjoy the nature and breeze, haha. Still i was very contented with the drive!!!


A stroll in the lower car park of the Adelaide hills botanic garden later was not bad, though only some spots have intact autumn leaves, most have already fallen.

IMG_7160 IMG_7166

The eng tau ah kam with the colourful autumn foliage behind, haha.

IMG_7185 IMG_7186

A short visit to Penfold cellar door at Bridgewater, we didn’t end up doing any wine tasting or bring home any bottle, haha.
IMG_7195 IMG_7197

We had our lunch pretty late, haha. It’s more like afternoon tea but the german platter was yummy, the kinda must-try here. haha. Initially Kam wanted to try the roo meat but got persuaded by me to opt for the German platter because it’s the food of the town, a German village, Hahndorf!!!!

Out of nowhere, my mind suddenly though of some of our friends in Malaysia, haha. We had a good laugh and chat with 2 (until my phone went low batt, couldn’t continue to call the next person) and sent them the photo below to make them jealous, HAHA.

Kam was so tired and worn out by late afternoon that he snoozed in the car from Hahndorf to Brighton jetty, haha. Understandably, due to his job.


Our dinner at Szechuan restaurant which we couldn’t finish because we had a late lunch, =.=!!!.

And coffee over at cibo before farewell. Didn’t manage to get my arfocardo ice-cream though, haha.

All in all, it was a good day & a great catch up with Kam. It will be a while till we next meet up.

Take care MATE!!!! haha.
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  1. hmmm....izit he visit u long time ago liao meh??
    my grandson handsome like last time leh,a bit looks like lam feng,heheh~~
    but u .....aiks.....

  2. ya, but i now baru update ma,
    oh yes, it's undeniable fact he's so handsome, i'm nothing, haha

  3. wei~~~
    i just kidding la,dun mad me :(
    u r the most handsome guy in my heart!!nobody can replace u de!!!wuahahhaa~~~

  4. vvery angry lo, sad lo...........u stil wana tipu lagi