Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fleurieu Peninsular + AUMC Victor Harbour-Goolwa bike trip 24-25th Apr 2010

A weekend trip with Jono + AUMC Victor Harbour bike trip. The Saturday weather have not been kind with clouds with some showers the whole morning.

IMG_6452 So we ended up driving down to Victor Harbour near afternoon. Thankfully, the weather was clearing up by the time we got to Newland head conservation park. The sea was still quite rough and windy.

We started off straight for the coastal trail at a very fast pace!!! 7km/hr, according to Jono’s GPS!!! (Jono setting up the GPS in the bottom pic)

2 roos along the trail.
IMG_6457 IMG_6464

The first sight of the sea after ~30-45mins of walk. Was very excited to see the coastal, haha.
IMG_6472 IMG_6482

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Overlooking Encounter bay & west island!!!
IMG_6493 IMG_6494 

My favourite photo of the day and also the highlight of the trail!!! The coastal cliff of Fleurieu peninsular along a nice sunset!!!


Walking back in dark to our camp site. After dinner, jono was too bored, and suggested to go see the murray river mouth, and went to the murray river barrage, though it was too dark. We could only see some lights from the barrage and ships.

The following day was an exciting one, as this was my first serious bike trip in Australia and it’s like ages since i rode a bike, haha. My legs and stamina unfortunately wasn’t strong at all, haha. But i am still able to ride fine slowly, lol. Neil, one the AUMC member kept guiding me on the road when to hit high gears. As we separated from the main group, Neil and I rode on the road rather than the coastal bike trail which is kinda easier, more flat and straight almost all the way, haha.
 IMG_6584 IMG_6586

Neil and I had a drink at Goolwa town, and thanks to him for the treat at the cafe.
 IMG_6587 IMG_6588

Then we joined up with the others before riding back again. Neil rode off first as he needs to get back home earlier for his family and also he wanted to ride at FULL SPEED, haha. THese cyclist ride not for scenes but for battle with themselves!!!

The splendid views on the way back along the coastal bike trail!!! LOVE IT!!!! The coastal bike trail goes uphill and downhill which is kinda nice, but for someone like me, at one point i have to push my bike up a hill halfway, too high and too hard, haha!!!!
IMG_6597  IMG_6599 IMG_6603 IMG_6604

Bernie in blue shirt tagging along behind me to make sure the whole team ride back to victor harbour safely, he’s the event organizer, hehe.
IMG_6611 IMG_6612

Some random bikes :)

Have a stop at one of the cafe along the beach. Saw this kid with his nice toy…haha.
IMG_6619 IMG_6621

Turned out to be a decent shot with the miniature toy!!!

That’s me, jono, bernie, emily & stefan!!!

IMG_6629 IMG_6631

On our way back to Adelaide, we drove the long way along the coastal.

We visited the Ingalalla falls near the second valley forest bottom of Yankallila. There’s not much water but enough to make it trickling.
IMG_6646 IMG_6659

The other highlight of this trip was the starfish hill wind farm!!!! Read about it for a while and on the way back, i saw them from far, and requested Jono to go near them, thank god he agreed to it, haha.

We have to drive into some gravel road along some people’s farm to get to this high point near Delamere. There’s altogether 32 turbines, and the view from Delamere can only see 8 of them while the others were located on starfish hill nearer to the coastal. Still, it was the highlight of the day for me to be able to see wind farm for the first time in my life with a spectacular sunset!!!!!
IMG_6675 IMG_6678

Wished we could stay longer until the sun sets, but we got to push on, so that we don’t get back to Adelaide too late.

Next stops were Rapid bay and Second valley though by the time we got to second valley it was almost pitch dark, so it’s a quick one.

Jono brought me to this small cave in Rapid bay, haha, seemed like a place for squatters or drug-pushers. In there, we could see lots of drawings, litters everywhere, beer bottles, etc.

Below showed what Jono like to do in a cave during a photo take, haha.

Closed up this blog entry with another spectacular golden sunset view of Rapid bay!!!! Thanks to Jono for the trip!!!

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