Saturday, January 22, 2011

Michael & Pike See’s farewell lunch 16th May 2010

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I got to know Michael and Pike See from Xiao some what a year ago, it has always been great with their accompany. The couple are very sociable lovable people and always making jokes, gossiping sometimes, etc, haha. Well, now they have to go back Malaysia and work. So it’s WAS time for a farewell which was held in Xiao’s nice apartment again, this time having steamboat.

Thanks to Xiao and Wayne for all the preparations, the food was YUMMY in more china chinese steamboat style. First time I tasted a different blend of sauces mixed together to go together with the steamboat food!!! Surprisingly the mixed sauce goes very well with steamboat food and apparently that’s how the chinese in China have steamboat, compared to Malaysians with just chili/tomato/soya sauce…etc. We even have the frozen blood on the menu, and again they tasted awesome!!!


In return, Michael and Pike See brought a chocolate chip cake, which tasted very delicious but unfortunately, most of us were so full from the steamboat food and could only have a small taste of the cake, haha.

Thanks to the 2 hosts again, Xiao and Wayne!!!!
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Finally a group photo together with one of Xiao’s favourite piece of art featuring a beautifully painted fish behind!!!

Hope to meet Michael & Pike See when i get back to M’sia, till then Folks!!!!

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