Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andrew’s BIG 40th birthday!!!

Andrew’s BIG 40th birthday!!!! haha. Andrew is a research assistant in the lab i work in. He’s been in that lab for quite a couple of years, 3-4 years i’m not wrong, work in a number of labs before this. He’s the MAN that take care of heaps of stuff in the lab, and also the department. He’s just like the lab handy man, or the “ORACLE” of the lab. He knows a lot of stuff, where to find, where to get, where to go, what to do, techniques, skills, programs, and most importantly, he is as knowledgeable as a post doc to me, everyone goes to him for advice. Anything we can’t find, don’t know, unsure, we go to him. I must admit that when I first met him, he seems a bit fierce/strict to me. However, the truth is i get along well with him, chat heaps, and he is friendlier than i thought. He is just a like a teacher that teaches the kids patiently and thoroughly. But if you don’t go by the lab rules set, u’ll definitely piss him off, haha. Hence, it’s no surprise, that he is a start in the department, everyone knows him, many people from other labs come to him for a chat, advice, help…etc.

And we all from our lab surely wanted to do something big for him on his 40th!!! haha. SO there u go, the pictures below tells it all :)

We decorated his bench, made cakes for him, bday card, bday present, paste his bday poster around the department, haha…
 IMG_9972  IMG_9975
 IMG_9980 IMG_9979

And went to lunch in the nearby park, it’s so lovely during the a good sunny day in spring!!!
IMG_9981 IMG_9982 IMG_9985

Left to right: Phil, Tash, Andrew, Me, Cam, Jo, Suraya :)

We even went to dinner at a famous northern indian food restaurant at Jasmine, which the food tasted great!!!

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