Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring time in Mt. Lofty Botanic garden!!!

Spring time in Mt.Lofty Botanic garden is as mesmerizing as Autumn. It’s really true that this garden change according to the 4 seasons. Came back to this place again in October. Missed the bus, so i walked up as i don’t wana waste time waiting for the bus. This was just about half a month after Mt.Feathertop trip, haha, thought my leg is fine, however, my leg hurts badly while walking uphill, and after that downhill during back. But the beauty of the garden tells me it definitely worth it :).
IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9847 IMG_9850 IMG_9855 IMG_9856 IMG_9858 IMG_9859 IMG_9860 IMG_9861  IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9866  IMG_9870 IMG_9877 IMG_9878  IMG_9886

Going down this Rhododendron trail is really an awesome experience, heaps of Rhododendron flowers of different species blooming, what a pretty sight!!!!
IMG_9889  IMG_9899  IMG_9901  IMG_9906  IMG_9897IMG_9910 IMG_9913 IMG_9914 IMG_9915 IMG_9916 IMG_9920

Always seen old couples accompanying each other strolling the gardens, streets, beaches, buses…etc. Western old couples appreciate each other more and more as they aged compared to the eastern, clearly something very different from asian countries, haha.
IMG_9924 IMG_9927 IMG_9933 IMG_9934 IMG_9939

Came across this purple world which is UNBELIEVEABLE PRETTY, some more it look like wild flowers that grow in wild which i like instead of looking across a farm of flowers.
IMG_9945 IMG_9950 IMG_9955 IMG_9957 IMG_9959 IMG_9976IMG_9966 IMG_9971  IMG_9982

After viewing those pretty purple flowers, went ahead to search for sakura flowers that are planted in these garden, though not many. Hoping they are in blooming still. However, the sakuras season were either over or not really started. And there’s TOO FEW of them, which make it nothing matchable to Japan or Korea sakuras, sigh. haha. Still went explore around the garden.
 IMG_9985 IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9989 IMG_9992 IMG_9996

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of this while flowering plants around especially near water area. There are a pretty sight to look at :)IMG_9999
IMG_0001 IMG_0006 IMG_0010 IMG_0018 IMG_0020 IMG_0022
IMG_0031 IMG_0034 IMG_0038 

This blue bird in the picture below looks quite colourful with shiny blue feathers, haha. Seen it a few times, however this is the 1st time i’m able to photograph it so close :)

This familiar spots taken at a different time have a different feeling. It give you a different relaxing feeling compared to during autumn :)IMG_0042 IMG_0044   IMG_0049  IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0061 IMG_0062  IMG_0092 IMG_0094 IMG_0095

Hang around the garden a whole evening, spending time exploring more parts of the garden and taking photos. Another great time here.

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  1. If I have doraemon, then it will be great, I can use the REN YI MEN to reach the place, like those plants so much, and the photos... Cant really describe the feeling, Haha!