Monday, January 4, 2010

Royal Adelaide Show Sept 6th Sept 09


A must go for people who visited Adelaide for the 1st time and also to see South Australia’s economy, activities and people in one day!!!! All my colleagues have been suggesting me to go to this show at least once while i’m here, so Tash and Suraya brought me here on a weekend, hehe. Very nice of them :)

Got here quite near noon so that we can cover as many area as possible because this show is HUGE with many exhibitions to see, rides to try, food and wine to taste, things to buy, etc.


The Royal Adelaide Show (Royal Show) is an annual agricultural show/fair held in Adelaide, South Australia that begins on the first Friday in September, or the last Friday in August, and runs for 9 days.
The Royal Adelaide Show, primarily an opportunity for the State's farmers to show examples of their livestock is South Australia's biggest annual event run by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia. Experiences run the whole gamut from carnival rides, exhibitions and attractions to exquisite handicraft, cookery and wide variety of champion livestock and animals. It is at the Show that rural South Australia and City business alike can showcase their best produce, wares and services.

The Royal Adelaide Show is the 'people's event' and truly offers something for everyone, such as food and wine tastings; entertainment with bands, dancing, comedy acrobatic; exhibitions and displays; fashion parades; competitions; animals (livestock and pets); farmyard nursery and animal petting area (

This place is held at the royal adelaide showground, which is a VY HUGE location for organizing big activities and can hold heaps of people. THis place is surprisingly the venue for uni exams!!!! haha.

 IMG_9107 IMG_9108

Quite many buskers and performers around :)
IMG_9109 IMG_9111

Fairy floss is another suggested thing to try though i didn’t , haha. It’s more of the Aussies children and kids snacks i think, haha.
IMG_9113 IMG_9115

There are food everywhere, and one of the must-try for me which is recommended by my colleagues is
IMG_9116 IMG_9117

Dagwood Dog ( Me, tash & Suraya having Dagwood dog)!!! Basically it’s a sausage wrapped within flour i guessed?? haha, taste something new and not bad :)
IMG_9118 IMG_9120

Heaps of different varieties of games for ppl to try.  And more interestingly, the game shop is HUGE, almost 1 & half storey high. It look more grant, and more attractive with all the dolls and bear bear hanging throughout the whole big game booth.
IMG_9121 IMG_9122

Many carnival rides too :)
IMG_9123 IMG_9125  IMG_9133 IMG_9134  IMG_9141  IMG_9136

As mentioned above, this show host varities of exhibitions and competitions including dog competition. But we didn't spent much time there.

As the showground is SO big, first-timer would easily get lost and might miss the best that are offered, thus the organizer arranged a special kinda route that make sure you go through every nook and major exhibitons which is called “Yellow Brick Road” , what you need to do is buy this package that include a few free gift, a bag and a map that guide you through the show. You will have to find the yellow brick road booths which there were ~10-20 and collect your free gifts. By doing so, you get to see every major corners and collect free gifts :)

I was so excited when i saw this booth, as this is something i saw from “how’s it made” documentaries that amazed me!!!! A piece of candle art that i really like a lot!!! Didn’t expect to see one in the show, haha, thought the candle is expensive, i just can’t resist to buy one for myself, haha.
IMG_9148 IMG_9152 IMG_9154 IMG_9155

Throughout the show, there multitudes of exhibitions, from art, sales booth, to horticulture, to bakery…etc which amazed me quite a lot, as i really didn’t expect to see all these stuff in this show. There are displays of competition and respective event winners!!! I think it’s a good way to spark creativity and originality.
IMG_9157 IMG_9158  IMG_9159

This one is quite special, but expensive to buy too, sigh.

 IMG_9172 IMG_9175 IMG_9186IMG_9177 

Nice shinning Apples!!!! Even apples were graded for competition!!!

 IMG_9184 IMG_9179

Creative design using veges !!!!

IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9198 IMG_9200

What you see bottom is a cake!!!! Not a plastic model !!!
IMG_9202 IMG_9203 IMG_9205 IMG_9212 IMG_9215 IMG_9216

Next, we visited the poultry section, to see the birds and other stuff brought for competition. As you can see bottom, even eggs can be used as a competition!!!
IMG_9217 IMG_9218

I must say that the pigeons here are SO SPECIAL!!!! have a look yourself!!!
IMG_9219  IMG_9222 IMG_9224 IMG_9226 IMG_9228 IMG_9229 IMG_9231 IMG_9233 IMG_9235 

Didn’t bothered too much with the roosters, haha. Lazy to see dy, XD.

There’s also section where you can see all the cattles, sheeps, goats……which is a good experience for children especially!!!
   IMG_9252 IMG_9254 

Something VYVY special i watched, – wood cutting competition!!! REally AMAZING, these people compete to see who can chop off the piece of log, or who can get to the top first of the long vertical log, etc. One of the competition i like the most during the show!!!
IMG_9257 IMG_9258 IMG_9262 IMG_9263 IMG_9264

There’s also pig competition but we just cant make it in time as the competition start at specific time only and a lot of ppl watch too, cant get near at all, haha.
 IMG_9271 IMG_9272

There’s also a small section of science for kids in this show (bottom right pic).

Tasted this curly twister fries, nthg very special except for the shape.

One of the highlights of the show is their showbags, there are heaps of different showbags for purchase, chocs, toys, accessories, etc. 

They are usually bags that are sold in the Showbag Pavilion next to the Main Arena, and are mainly promotion for the companies that produce the products contained within the bag, although some Showbags contain a variety of products that are made by various companies. Showbags originally started as a free sample bag that were given to visitors at the Show. As the original Showbags grew in popularity, they eventually ceased to be free and a small fee of threepence or sixpence applied to those who wished to have one. Nowadays, a single Showbag can range from $1 to $40 depending on its contents and the company promoting it. The Showbags are mostly popular with young children and teenagers although there are some more contemporary showbags such as the Charlesworth Nuts and Darrell Lea Chocolates aimed at an adult market (
 IMG_9276 IMG_9277

Night time, the showground was lighted with colourful neons lights, very pretty sight :)
IMG_9284 IMG_9285

WE waited patiently for the whole show animal parade and also the stun acts. The stun acts by those bikers were absolutely jaw-dropping!!!! Very creative and scary too, it’s one of the highlight of the show.
IMG_9299 IMG_9309 IMG_9310 IMG_9311

After that it’s firework display, yeah!!!
IMG_9321 IMG_9332

Spent whole day here, tired but WORTH it!!! A must go for those who have never been there!!!

One of the yellow bag free gift is this- a 4 minute timer to encourage the citizens to take their shower in 4 minutes :), a good way to save the precious water!!!