Sunday, January 31, 2010

My ordinary life (5)

Since the 2nd 6 months of 2009, i have suddenly found that Hungry Jacks very convenient for me. Plus ever since Xiao passed my the coupons for Hungry Jacks, i been eating their burgers and fries for many times. The coupons make their burgers affordable, plus their burgers are much better than McD and KFCs, haha. Later, did i only knew that Hungry Jacks is actually Burger King of Malaysia. No wondered their burgers are bigger in portion.

Somewhere, sometime ago,  i bought this fruit called …… for a try. Turned out that it’s tasteless, and by the time i eat it, it was already quite ripe which is makes it very soft texture. And NO, i don’t really like it. Then i only realized that it was best eaten when it not ripe, and people here have it as a salad, mix it in sandwich, or eat it raw, or mix into their burgers. Haha, somehow after this experience, i have never try it again eventhough my post doc bring to us from his dad’s orchard for free, lol.


I really to cook soup here because it’s easy to prepare and usually taste not bad. This time i explore “菜汤”with “中国大白菜”, it taste good, haha.

Repeated attempts to cook the basa fish, hehe. Again sometimes taste good, sometimes so so, always find it taste nicer when i leave it overnight, haha. Probably the fish and everything in there have absorbed the taste overnight.  

IMG_9064 IMG_8621
My 2 attempts with the BABAS curry, haha. My malay colleague told me where to buy the ingredients. I was surprised to find them sold here in one of the asian supermarket. My 1st attempt was good, haha. Quite spicy actually, 2nd attempt the coconut milk (can) not fresh already (left in fridge a while), so the curry sauce tasted a bit weird, haha. Shu xia, now u believe i cooked it le instead of take away food or eat out, LOL.
But it's tedious to prepare too.


These days instead of cooking instant noodle, this became my quick, easy meal either lunch or dinner or lun+din+supper, haha.


And also being cooking a lot of lady’s finger, hehe. Really love them. Hate them once before, after kena trained by mum….., lol.


Tried this sthg similir to brocolli shoots, haha. Taste not bad, dun really know how to cook it. But it has an aroma smell :)


First time tasted Yiros, not bad, quite nice.


Been going to a local pub called the elephant lately after work on Fridays, haha. Found that i really like Scott with coke or J.D with coke!!!


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  1. haha...i believed liao la, u cooked 1 big periuk lagi..u knw coconut milk cant keep for so long de, the best way is use it all and never be frozen, that's y ur curry tasted weird.
    Dont eat too frequently la the fast food...drink more the scott v coke, looks nice, hahaha:)