Monday, January 4, 2010

My ordinary life (4)

As time goes by, i got bored with my broccoli, cabbage, chicken with ginger, etc…… i eventually tried to cook different dishes for myself, some more now i do my groceries at the woolies and Chinatown, thus my ingredients grew :)

I din cook the meat at the bottome right pic, just bought, potong and heat it , haha.
Tried to cook the soup that my mum used to cook, hehe. Taste good :)


My “xi yang chai shui” taste like shit, so bitter, took the stems to boil but ……, duno how my mum really did it, haha.

Tried multiple times for sphagetti, tasted not bad :). Got my recipe from mixed of websites, hehe. It have been my lunch and dinner for a few times, then also lazy to cook dy, haha.

ABC soup v the recipe from a gud fren of mine, haha :)
IMG_7281IMG_7231 IMG_7232


My attempts with golden fried rice, hehe, sometimes tasted good, sometimes less flavour, but still still not bad :). Again combined recipes from websites.


Tried 1st time to cook fish fillet type, learning from my china housemate, but failed, hahhaa. Though stil edible :)

2nd attempt with the fish got better :) and have since become my weekend dish :)
IMG_7245 IMG_7247

Other stuffs i cooked like this “dou miao”, "tao gey"and “kang kung”.
IMG_7249IMG_7463 IMG_7465IMG_7250


Since i came here, eaten lots of these button mushrooms, haha. Used it in almost every dish :)

Very rarely i do this (bottom), haha. For a while, i make garlic bread for quite a while, then lazy dy, haha. Plus toaster is not good to make garlic bread.
IMG_7251IMG_7256 IMG_7257IMG_7461

Sthg from my HK housemate, hehe – tong sui, will learn to make this on my own :)



  1. looks nice but the portion is so biggggg.......i cant imagine hw u finish it,haha.....:p

  2. can lar!!! hahha, though sometimes i eat too much other stuffs before dinner, so end up can't finish, haha

  3. i think u're gonna be a cook rather than a researcher when u come back hahahha