Monday, August 6, 2012

2010_12_27 Along the Great ocean road day 6

Another day to continue our GOR exploration

One of the "maybe 12 apostles??" (below) is one of the amazing rock feature along the GOR carve into a unique rock shape and a thin slice

You have to walk down the Gibsons step to the beach. From here if one continue walking along the coast, one will eventually get to the twelve Apostles, however, be warned to watch for the tide to avoid getting trap in between. 

The view along the ride really can blow you away!!!

Loch Ard Gorge 
is one of the most beautiful tourist spot along the GOR!!!
Calm and somewhat peaceful!!!

 The gorge is named after the clipper ship Loch Ard, which ran aground on nearby Muttonbird Island on 1 June 1878 approaching the end of a three-month journey from England to Melbourne.
All but two of the fifty-four passengers and crew perished - Tom Pearce, a ship's apprentice and Eva Carmichael, an Irishwoman immigrating with her family, both of whom were 18 years of age ( 

Although the water that washed up to the beach looks pretty safe, the ferocious current near the mouth can pull and drag you down if you swim near it.

Can't remember what this place is, haha. But it's pretty PREtty view despite the weather, one can see the angry waves pounding and cutting into the rocks. Even the sea mist caught my lense, haha. will form an arch 

The GOR is dotted with many amazing rock formations like this even though they are unmark as tourism spots in the brochures but worthy to look at (Usually you'll find turnings without a sign).

 The moonlight head
I was attracted to this area due to some pictures I saw, however to get to see what I wana see was actually quite far...My friend just shook her head even though she agreed to let me go, haha. Luckily she didn't grumble, lol.

This stretch of the coast is renowned for its shipwrecks, with the ship, Fiji wrecked just off the head in 1891 and the Marie Gabrielle wrecked on 25 November 1869

This is what I came to see, I was literally attracted by not just the shipwreck left behinds, but the weird pot holes that algae grew on. The holes, the greens and the shipwreck bits make an awesome photo (in my mind, haha).

Interesting rock colour 

And an interesting fish got stranded?? 

On the way walking back from the moonlight head/beach to the car

The Otway National park is an odd one because it's near to the coastal and appeared out of nowhere - a temperate rainforest with many waterfalls along the GOR.

The triplet falls
A pretty cascading waterfall though sort of being blocked by overgrown trees?? haha

some machines left behind for ??? Can't remember, haha.

Hopetone falls, 
is perhaps one of the prettiest fall here in the Otway National park with its lush greenery. 

It was a long drive into and out of the Otway National Park due to there's no short cuts or easy ways to cut across, and one have to follow the long and windy road to get in and out. We went to the Otway LightHouse, unfortunately it was CLOSED!!! We were late, oh well...did some walk around it hoping to see it from far, but alas, we bailed. It was getting dark quicker around here, and because the previous night was too cold and windy, we decided to look for a decent backpacker place to stay but knowing that there's Lorne festival nearby, we were out of luck, the end we drove so far and uphill to stay in a caravan park!!! My friend was terrified, haha. She did not speak a word nor eat anything along the way until we made it to the caravan park, lol. Sorry my friend for the Oz drive where, camp where bad experience!!!