Thursday, August 9, 2012

2010_12_30 Melbourne Gaol and University of Melbourne Day 9

Back to the City
Although I have been to Melbourne twice or thrice 
Still there's quite a lot that I have not explore due to all my previous trips was short ones
The melbourne Gaol is one of the most famous tourist spot of Melbourne wining many awards...
so we thought we pay a visit

Second on the list is
The University of Melbourne
This University has earned its reputation on my list to visit due to its fast climb in the University rankings
In addition, there's a lot of good work/research done here that become probably the best university to study in Australia other than ANU

So the day was jam packed with walking, Walking and WAlking....

One of the attraction of Melbourne Central, that house a shopping mall and train station 

Wished I can bring that Clock back!!!
It look so elegant!!!

Our brunch
at a tibetan food restaurant
not bad, pretty nice

Outside somewhere

The Melbourne Gaol 
being famous 
surprisingly requires expensive tickets!!! 
My friend and I were having a hard time convincing ourselves to go in afterall Now that we are here

WEll, the place being a Gaol/prison looks alright...surprisingly not very appealing probably because we pay big bucks to get in
and was not much different to any other gaol 
unless you like reading the different stories behind every cell which can be pretty interesting but take a lot of time and at times it's bit hard to relate to since we are not Aussies

having said that, it's pretty well maintained gaol

This part was I guessed one of the most interesting part to me, learning how people was judged by Phrenelogy and the stories behind some of the prisoners being jailed by the interpretation of the shape of their skull

One get to experience "the watch house experience"
a 40 minute interactive experience
With a Charge Sergeant as guide, visitors are ‘arrested’ and encounter what it is like to be locked up.

Well, the locked up was alright, they turned off the lights, 
If you are there for a day...still ok..
1 hour daylight per day??
but for years....I would really gone paranoid and crazy...
this was how they hope to punish and get the prisoners to repent 
but it only got things worse...

how does it feel to be behind bars.......hmmm....

My 1st Mugshot!!!
I have committed crime of ???

Out of the gaol
Well, we were there afternoon, and the gaol shuts quite early?? 
So one better get there earlier to allocate more time if you are really interested in these stuff

Yummy....but money

Got our hot chocs at Max Brenner (intro by my friend)
Not bad not bad...

Next stop
University of Melbourne
it's pretty easy to get here with the trams service

Similar to University of Adelaide, 
University of Melbourne is a mix of old and new buildings
but size wise it's definitely bigger than Uni Ade

How I wished UM have buildings like this?? LOL

Fine architecture designs with roman like art??

Did u see a frog? a cat? a monster?

We were pretty excited to find GENETICS!!! haha

Even a car park entrance also SO PRETTY!!!! DAMN

One thing for sure, 
like University of Adelaide, 
University of Melbourne although larger in size is very much connected, 
you can walk or cycle to get to the place you want without a car
which is the convenience I can't find in UM

Malaysian food to end the day, 
pricy for ringgit Malaysia but no doubt 
taste Malaysian