Friday, August 17, 2012

2010_12_31 Melbourne and NYE 2011 day 10

Well, finally I reached the last day of 2010!!!! Not 2011, haha. 
I know this blog is already outdated , well, can't you see that I'm trying to catch up???

Well, the last day of 2010 in Melbourne was TERRIBLY HOT like sauna!!! 
My friend just wanted to keep going into the shade and shops with a/c.
Oh well, it's summer!!!

Queen Victoria market was on my friend's to visit list,
well, to help friend get stuff??!!! 
and get macademias??!! They said it's cheaper here??!!
oh well, having frequent Adelaide central market, 
this Queen victoria market does not really appeal to me
all I can said is that it's bigger, more stuff for sell ranging from cheap souvenirs to groceries to clothing to art

Melbourne City bath 
open to public

Lunch/snack?? at Brunetti, 
One of the famous Italian restaurant!!!
It's located at the famous Lygon st,
where a crime scene happened 2-3 months before we went, haha.
Their food was so tempting!!!

But because we are poor, we only tasted their gelato,

and macaron biscuits!!! 
Which till today I still don't understand WHY IT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!
It doesn't taste so good till I will die for it!!!
Yet so many ppl like it.....
really don't undestand!!!!

 An old nice antique house along the streets of Lygon

The Melbourne Musuem
This is an interesting artwork behind the Melbourne Musuem

The Melbourne Museum is really worth going
it's huge and house many interesting collections

One of the contemporary exhibition
which is really INTERESTING

The artist cut all the shapes using paper and PUT THEM ALL together to make a LIVELY 3D ART like what you see below!!!
Artwork like this takes weeks and requires so much delicate details.

This artwork below is very meaningful 

other permanent exhibitions

The brain section is really interesting, but unfortunately I discovered it too late, so I only brisk through the more eye-catching objects

An Ant nest!!! Have u seen it b4?

The Royal Exhibition Building 
is a World Heritage Site-listed building in Melbourne, Australia, completed in 1880.

It received restoration throughout the 1990s and in 2004 became the first building in Australia to be awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, being one of the last remaining major 19th century exhibition buildings in the world. It sits adjacent to the Melbourne Museum  (Wikipedia).

Although In my eyes, it doesn't look THAT attractive that it deserve anything UNESCO, haha. Having said that, it is still a building worth viewing for its architectural designs.

 Some X'mas deco which I have no idea anymore where they were taken, haha.

X'mas deco inside The Crown Casino + hotel.

As we read that the fireworks will be on show on top of the certain buildings, 
I thought the place below would be the best place to view them!!!
Surprisingly, there weren't many people there when we got there, 
but we were early
as it approach midnight, it turned up quite a lot of people have the same idea as I do, haha.
Some WERE very annoying, as they were noisy and in party mode, 
and I was in photo shooting mood!!!

Well, the spot turned up to be a correct choice!!!
As the clock strikes 12 midnight, one of the grandest firework I have ever seen was on show!!! 
Literally in front of us with anything blocking the view!!!
Although I have been to the Sydney harbour to view the fireworks there (not a good experience), I must say 
I like it here better, FARRRRRRRR less crowd and you get to SEE the fireworks and ENJOY!!!!

And Luckily our accomodation was a tram away, we avoided the crowd within the city too, YEAH!!! 
WE managed to get back within an hour including walking and waiting without much hassle!!!
Happy 2011, haha.