Thursday, August 9, 2012

2010_12_29 Mt.Buller day 8

From sea to mountain
It's definitely good to have a change of views
Mt.Buller is the closest and the biggest skiing resort to Melbourne
and takes ~3hr to get up here.
During Winter season, it's a busy place due to its close proximity to the city
but it's a very quiet place outside winter
Most people came here for a quiet escape with family/mountain biking and hiking
The best of all, the accommodation prices is a far cry from the expensive prices during winter season which makes it a very affordable place to stay with such great view around you.
Of course most accommodation here cater for winter only as running them with so little visitors outside of winter is high. So only a few lodges are operating making the choices limited, luckily they don't charge rocket high prices.
Oh and it's a perfect place to escape the summer heat, it's so cool here, other than the UV, haha.

Some of the bigger lodges (no, we didn't stay here) with awesome view

Ski run stations and chairlifts

Mt.Buller village
The village have a small supermarket, places for ya to shop, a public cinema, gym and indoor sporting facilities

Mount buller is also home to the National Alpine musuem
one can read how did it all started
who were the pioneers
it pretty nice to read and see all the things you won't learn in a tropical country, haha

 It is "a non-profit; membership supported Museum dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting elements from the broad spectrum of ski history for the purpose of research, education, and entertainment"

 It showcases a collection of ski memorabilia covering the evolution of alpine activities in Australia and I reckoned winter olympics too.

old style skis and ski boots

Blue bullet express lifts

Mt.Buller village from far
In winter, especially a good winter, this whole place will turned into snow white and full of skiers, 
all the roads will be turn into ski runs

Hiking/walking to catch the sunset on Mt.Buller summit

This place looks like some sort of high plateau and the tiny houses?? looks like mini toys, haha.

Most people prefer to drive up to the closest point and climb the remaining to the summit, where as we started from the summit trail that allows us to better appreciate the beauty around.

Looks like some sort of holocaust nuclear bomb up in front, lol.

I really like the alpine grass and flowers up here!!!

A very good place with nothing blocking to view sunset!!! 
Some other folks we saw even brought their dinner + wine here, they really enjoy LIFE don't they??!!
I guessed
even tiny little things are worth celebrating and cheering for!!! 
even for a blessed beautiful sunset!!!
Live TODAY!!!

We met this mates up here, and it's just super hilarious to see them posing for the photos. Perhaps I should try this sometimes, this pictures reminded me to play and have fun even taking photos!!!


We did a loop, at times a bit sceptical bout our way, but eventually we make it back to our car, hehe. 
Definitely a good hike and place to be!!!