Monday, August 6, 2012

2010_12_28 Along the Great ocean road day 7

OMG, so pai seh, this blog grow mushroom dy...
Not even sure if I remember much of the details or not, LOL!!!

A beautiful morning and a great lookout point near Lorne!!!

So many dandelions!!!

I didn't make it to get to this lookout during my previous visit to Lorne and walking I came back with a Car this time, hehe.

The sea of Oz is always good to look at on a good sunny day when the sun rays brought out the azure and aqua blue of the sea.

Erskine falls

Super curvy bends yet an enjoyable ride along Great Ocean Road

Sheok waterfall

Great Ocean road memorial coming in from the Melbourne side

We basically skipped all the other coastal towns after Lorne (nothing in those towns appeal to me except you like golf and surfing) and then stopped by Geelong, the next big City after Melbourne 
It's a'nother port city, but once you saw too many of these harbour/waterfront...they don't appeal anymore
But the tourism of Oz are smart. They try to put a different touch to the harbour by placing these bollards (as seen in the pictures below) which does look quite unique. There are over 100 bollards stretching our waterfront and they have been made out of huge wooden pylons. Each was painted to represent certain prominent figures in the history of Oz

Bollards with the Cunningham pier as background

Cunningham Pier

Some O'ther art work - what do you think? Is this art too??

Heading into Melbourne and giving the car a good wash before returning the car, haha.