Friday, November 16, 2007

Little gentiNG........yeah

After Naili's place and Putrajaya, we went on our following trip to find the little genting which is well known for the nightline view of KL where one will get to see KLCC and KL tower as well.

This was a place which i heard many times and long time ago, just no chance to go. This was the most difficult trip among the three trips we made compared to Putrajaya and Naili's place, it was far and difficult to reach. Little Genting is located in residential area of Cheras, e.g. Taman muda was one of it. We spent lot of time on the road to reach cheras, we were really baffled and dumbfounded with the roads of KL, the roadsigns were not helping at all, someone really have to complaint at the road signboads that was located too near the junction (one can only see the road sign very near a junction), or hidden behind trees...etc. We try to get to cheras with the info we got from frens and internet, however we ended going the other way instead of the original plan, haha.

We drove 2 cars there, in cheras, we were separated cause we got lost. In the end, we went to search for little genting on our own, saying to meet at the little genting. My fren in another car reached first, cause one of the fren suddenly recalled how to go. We stopped by petrol station again to ask for directions. We reached the residential area at last, but not little genting yet. We asked a cybercafe worker, according to him there were actually 3 little among the apartments, another which is a lookout point where there are cafes operating there, another....somewhere dark and far. He only showed part of the directions, and we have to drive on our own after the directions he gaved. We finally reached little genting based on our instinct, the view was superb, much like what we always see people in hongkong dramas with people oversee the nightline view. There were many people there 'lepaking' , haha.

However, the problem was we cant find our frens who in the other car, my fren told me it was located right at the very end of the road, so we drive all the way.........up and then down where the road has no end, it was weird......we have a hard time locating each other. In the end, the other frens wana go back dy, but we were not sastified as we took great effort to make it here. We have no choice but to let them go back first, we continue taking picture of the beautiful nightline view, however too bad, when we finally can enjoyed the view, KLCC and KL tower have turned off the lights........but still we enjoyed the view...haha. We went to the lookout point, the restaurant there to take pics.

We only found out that actually the 3 little genting the cybercafe worker told me was located at different hill, no wondered we cant find each other and the little genting at the apartments there is the most original one, or 1st to be found. Haha, we also have a hard time going back to PJ,sigh.Well, it's experince...

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