Friday, November 16, 2007

Naili's place .......yeah

Went naili's place in sentul east in june with a bunch of frens.
The search for this famous place was this was our 1st time, no one actually know the road to this eating place. We got lost a few time, end up asking people nearby. It's true that asking people for directions is still the best way to get to a place if you lost :)

We reached Naili's place safely :), this was a famous place for many people. I have heard of it since my 1st year in university, my friend told me about that place have treetop eating place, which excite me to try one day, someday. I even heard that the treetop seats are hard to get, one have to book in order to sit there, also it has to be a group of six at least to sit there.

That oneday and someday finally came, when kok foo, one of my best fren here offered to drive since it will be his last few days before june ends and he'll go back Seremban. The thought of going Naili's place occured at once......

Anyway, we found this place beautiful and having a nice ambience too. The surrounding design was creative and consist of a mix of different concepts, with different siting places different designs and lightings. There are bamboos, 1 treetop, fluorescence drawing background....and other concepts. I personally like the fluorescene drwaing background, cause i have seen one before, and it was creative to me :)

This place was good for phototaking as well. If any of you have been to the treetop in JB, it's pretty much the same concept, just that Naili's place looks more beautiful but doesn't have people playing angklong, a musical instrument.

Foodwise, a variety, malay and western food. The common one is nasi lemak which we ordered. Well, to me, the food there was ordinary for my 1st try. They sell ABC as well, same as the treetop in JB one with an icecream topping. But the ABC was also so so only, try not to order the special ABC, which is a blended ABC, very small cup. Seem expensive for a small cup, RM7.

We pretty much enjoyed the environment there, chat and took photos. We din have the chance to sit at the treetop( actually it's not really a treetop, just building a place to eat through the bark of the tree), but we were below it, haha. I heard there is another naili's place in Ampang, but not as beautiful as this one?? haha, who's noe?? All in all, this place was worth to go for a nice environment :)

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