Thursday, November 15, 2007


Recently i just went to Putrajaya with a bunch of good friends including a new friend from USM, kelly. I have never see the night lighted putrajaya.

Well, indeed Putrajaya was worth going, the whole city was lighted up with different lighting from the streets lamps, from the builidings...etc.

PutraJaya, named after Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, this landmark complex stretches over 11,320 acres. More than 70% of Putrajaya is devoted to greenery and water bodies with 13 different gardens. The principle landscape is the 6oo-hectre man made lake. The Putrajaya Wetland. Native wetland plants from over 50 local species were propagated in the 7-hectre Putrajaya Wetland Nursery prior to planting in the wetland cells.

Putrayaja is the new Administrative Center of the Government and will be a test bed for an electronic Government (a paperless administration) and will be equipped with the latest telecommunication technologies. It is set to be a model garden city with sophisticated information network base on multimedia technologies.

I would say that it has the potential to become a tourist attraction if the goverment really make it a tourist destination with a better public transport around that area. Y?? Well, the different building structure and islamic architecture designs from countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Morocco were some of the main attractions,

of course not forgeting the artistically designed bridge (putra bridge, Sri perdana bridge...etc),

the Putra mosque, the Putra Perdana building, Putra square, PICC...etc.

Besides that, Putrajaya contain several parks, e.g wetland park, botany garden for relaxing. However, as i have read from some comments online, the public transport there was still not that efficient, the number of buses operating are still not enough, because Putrajaya was huge....and each minor tourist landmark within Putrajaya was quite far apart( not within walking distance).

We took quite alot of pics there, luckily one of my friend brought the camera stand, so that we can take still and good quality night pictures, if not any shake to the camera wlll make the picture blur.

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