Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 days with Korean experience(day 1)

Well,...wondering what have i got to do with korean kids?

It all began when my housemate (cheng)'s korean fren came over to Malaysia for 1 week travel, cheng who also took up d job of being a guardian/facilitator for a korean english summer camp with my other housemates for 3 continuous weeks, have to accompany her korean fren to main and jalan-jalan for that whole week. Unfortunately, she was unable to find anyone to replace her for the 1st sat and sun of working, where she is suppose to take care of a group of korean students aged 12-14, together with bunch of korean kids and other facililtators to go KL day trip and sunday petrosains/KLCC shopping. As a result, i replaced her for that 2 days as i was attracted with the job to meet koreans, and also xtra income.

However, to b frank, when sat and sun finally came, i was a bit regret tat i took up the job, as i was BZ toward that weekend and found out i cant really manage my time and plan which i have to keep in plan. Sigh, out of desperate, i have no chocice but to go help when sat mornin arrived.

Around 9AM, had breakfast at the hotel where the korean students stayed, met with the students from my group..., it was a very simple introduction, the students din really bother who u r. Worse still , i was no gud with handling of the reason why i din teach during my holidays. I just duno wat to do, and how to handle d kids.....there is communication breakdown/barrier between me and the students, luckily there was a student who have a better command of english which can speak more fluently than others and understand better too. I talked alot to her to understand better the group and also since she is easier to approach. There were 3 gals and 3 boys in my group. I heard from cheng before that bryant(nickname) was hardly in control...ya he definitely is hard to control, there goes the same for the other 2 boys (sam and Danny). The boys always hanged with other boys of other groups which made me headache of pulling them back to my group. THe point that i was a total new and stranger to them makes it even more difficult for me to pull them back, after they joined back in the group, later they separated again. Aduhai........sakit kepala,...

i was not in a smiling mood at all, coz it was stress and headache to me for control them....especially the trip visiting boring places such outside compund of istana, national musuem, police museum.......We were supposed to explain to the students the things inside the musuem, but the problem remained with the level of understanding of english..., i just duno how to explain to them in more layman's manner...and since they cant understand, all they could do is see, which made the museum visits even more boring and tiring coz walked too much.

After the museums, we had lunch somewhere nearby in a small resting point, we had food like sushi, though it's not called sushi in korea.

Next destination was the national mosque. This place was even worse to me, we were not allowed to enter the mosque as we came late, so we could only linger on the outskirt of mosque. I totally have no idea what to explain to them about this mosque, i'm no muslim, it has no significance to me, i dun even bother bout it. All i knew was that, it's a mosque for praying, and it's the national mosque. Gosh, this was a bad place to be. IT was at this very moment, i was told that i should smile much much more, to be more friendly with the kids, i was to smile when i duno wat to explain, duno wat tell them on this mosque and nothing to see except the walls of the mosque.

LUckily they left earlier to go to the planetarium.

Finally, the planetarium looks better than the previous places, at least this place provides some try on your own games, place to explore more. We went for a movie inside the planetarium too. The screen was super huge and it a semi-circle shape above out head. I myself was quite excited to see such a different screen, i told myself it must be good to watch the stars and the universe in this way.

the movie about our human body was nice at 1st, however towards the 3rd quarter, it was hypnotising most of us. Fall asleep coz too tired. After the show, we went up for view.

It was around 6-7pm when we were out of the planetarium.

There was still one more destination which is "tian hou gong" , luckily they cancelled the plan and went for dinner instead.

Well, it was really along and tiring day. I have never thought it would be so tiring and took out so much energy from me to look after the kids, afterall they were all old enough. Sigh.


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