Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Transformers(2007) awesome!!!

I still remember when the trailer came out, i downloaded it and watched. Of course i was anticipating something great from the trailer, however.....the trailer only show the glimpse of the somewhat highly TOP secret Mars view showing a shadow of a robot taken by a mars probe. nothing much i would say. It was sort of disappointing.

So it didn't excite me even when the movie was shown in cinemas. Not until i heard from friends and friends saying the movie was a great one, i even heard someone said people in the cinema gave a round of applause after the movie ended. I was shocked to hear these, to have people clapping hands must have meant that the movie was real good, which is opposite from the trailer shown.

After hearing all these rumors, i knew i must watch it, at first i thought i downloading the movie, however there ain't any good quality one for download. Fortunately, my friend ask me to join along for Transformers....which i gladly accepted. After watching the movie for two and half hours, i came out smiling and excited. Guess wat???

YES, the movie was awesome and deserved good comments. Right from the beginning of the movie, the movie plot kept the audience entertained and excited, with occurance of battle between a deceptercon robot and a military army base in Qatar. Right till the end, there wasn't much boredom, for me i would said no at all........, i kept wanting more and waiting for more actions and thrills...........i would said it was just fascinating and marvelous, i like the robots very much, as the robots was created beautifully and every detail was taken care of. The robots doesn't look unreal at all........everything just flowed smoothly. I really wondered how they can make such elegant robots, i wished to see the making of the movie if there is chance. The storyline was nice too!!!

I really hope to hear the making Transformer 2 with more robots!!!

here's a trailer.....

Here's the ending theme song from linkin PARk:- what i've done

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