Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Plastic bagssssssssss.....

Read the Star e-newspaper ........, saw the article on " what a waste"

Truely WHAT A WASTE!!! 250 million plastic bags a year was used, and this frigthening figure is only the tip of the iceberg because they include only the bags dispensed by Giant, Cold Storage and Carrefour. What aboutthe other hypermarkets, retailers, markets and hawkers?

According to the news, the 250 million plastic bags weigh a hefty 1,260 tonnes, equivalent to 126,000 10kg packets of rice, and most of them end up in landfills. CAN U IMAGINE??? In the future, how much plastic bags will be used as population grow and more and more plastic bags are used?? Will we have enough landfill to dispose of these undegradable materials??

Landfills can also cause environmental problems. Last year, leachate from the Kundang dumpsite was blamed for the smelly piped water in parts of the Klang Valley.
A similar problem at the Sungai Kembong dumpsite led to the closure of the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant.

With scarcity of land, the controversy surrounding the construction of incinerators and the teething problems faced by the Refuse Derived Fuel “intelligent landfill” plant in Semenyih (once touted as the answer to the country’s solid waste management), recycling remains a very promising way to reduce rubbish.

The weird thing was, bio-degradable plastic bags was not popular or not favor by public......what are those people thinking??don't they have a sense of recycling or help mother nature or concern for our enviroment??? GOSH.......terrible!!!

Take containers when buying take-away food and carry baskets when doing your marketing. Use biodegradable bags was also not in the shopper's mind!!!! Customers love to ask for additional plastic bags from retailers just because they are free. How uncivilized!!!
However, i was glad that, efforts like Giant’s Green Bag campaign initiated last year and careffour 's campaign awareness was ongoing to help educate the public.

Though, using plastic bags have some benefits.....e.g, reused as garbage bags can help to prevent leachate. The bags help to contain the methane gas released by rotten food, which are 22 times worse than carbon dioxide in causing global warming.

BUT STILL...........i would prefer people to reduce on the use of plastic bags.......try switch to other alternatives, paper bags, baskets...etc, and please SUPPORT recycling and reuse.............parents themselves should start recycling and reuse.........and teach their children to do the same.........

SO please spare the plastic bagsssssss!!! Make a change!!! START WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!!!!

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