Saturday, November 1, 2008

BCheng bday 11.09.2008 at Naili's place

Tree House - Naili's Place

I guessed if i'm NOT mistaken, this should be the 1st birthday celebration among we as housemates ever since we moved into Tiara.

We went to this Tree House (naili's place of Damansara) for celebration. Initially the plan was steamboat at sunway, but hehhe.....we cancelled it off for a more relaxing and nicer place.

There is buffet style here....

There is also a set of musical instrument for band....

This place is beautifully decorated with the tropical feel and different designs, very nice indeed. Another point added to this place is because it's located on a higher ground, so u get more breeze, hehe and the fell of being on top of a tree. Just dun look down to areas beyond the Naili's place, you will be despair by the rows of shophouses that spoil the mood. Another thing that u cant help being annoyed is the hons and pons of car, and car engines.....

Well, still it's quite a gud place to be at....

So this is the Bday gal.......

The food menu here is more or less the same as other naili's place's outlets.....though it seems to have new thai menu( i'm not sure, i only been to sentul naili's place and forgotten wat was the menu content except the nasi lemak and ABC). The price here is OK lar....wahaha. Food quite nice ...The nasi lemak is worth it :)

And next after filling our stomach, is the celebration time.....the birthday cake comes :)

This is a secret recipe chocolate banana.....YUmmy......

Saw BCheng's expression??? She must be so touched and being at the tip of iceberg to cry out...wahahha :P

Finally she smile :)

AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY........look, she's so happy!!!!!

Photo shooting time :)

PLS TRY to observe the last man standing behind....wahahhaha, he's acting out as a 'gal' geliiiiiii........wahahhahaha
BCheng, known her while we were staying in Happy apartment...haha, a funny, outgoing, lovely gal. When i'm not happy nor in mood, she would always come n kacau me...haha, to make me laugh. We shared quite alot of stories, hahaha. How lucky am i to know her :)


  1. sounds like there's chemical between two of you now...hehe

  2. wahaha, chemical??? frenship lo...