Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mooncake Fest \(^ . ^)/

1st mooncake fest celebration in Tiara :)

These foods might seem little, haha, but enough for all of us....We didn't went to buy those mooncakes, but there were gifts from housemate's frens, 's we get to eat FOC...hehe.

We even made our tea, added chacos, chocs and ice-cream in the end...wahaha.

Enjoying the food and the chat.....hehe, it's usually during these occasions that get us all sit down and gathered and chat, share.....ENjoyed this moments

We were all so syok sendiri in the end that we took photos below: OUR FAMILY PHOTO ( the gal siting is gf of my housemate..wahaha, but considered a part of our little family dy)

1st of all, the serious photo

Next, the grins and smiles of our family

and back to ore normal photo (wonder y houg hold the bucket in hand??? whaha, there's a reason to it)

In the end, the photo taking end up like this.... wahahha. We all must hv gone nuts.....


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