Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bday celebration at XUan cafe

Another small little bday celebration for me from my college juniors :) wc and ss. This time it was at a music cafe called 'XuAn cafe' at somewhere near OUG.

This is the environment, with posters of famous singers and lighted dimly.

IF you would like this place, or if you leave any msg behind, u can owez write it down on a memo pad and stick on to the notice board,

The colourful bday cake :)

Me n houg

Me making a/many wish/wished...haha.

Wan chia sang happy bday song for me, so touched....hehe. Domo arigatou o....

Group photo v another singer of Xuan'' and ss's roomate :)

Me :P


  1. oh, sorry, i couldnt ur bday on the right day...

  2. hihi.....
    U really do read my blog :)......
    Very happy to see your comment. Thanks.

    I sometimes wanted to leave a comment on your blog however, i cant do so because i'm not a user of your blog server.

    Anyway, will update you guys in mails :)

  3. very funny... all of u go to MY restaurant without informing me?! 成何体统???