Monday, November 24, 2008

Bday in LAB :)

Had this memorable bday in NPC laboratory C503 :) ... haha. Thanks to you all especially to those who took the time to plan my bday surprise, haha.

Got this big polystyrene bday present found on my table once i entered lab...haha. If only inside was full of real money.....:(

There's even this "Yat Yuen not ALLOWED"....haha. There must be a dinosaur or monster or 'zhen zi' inside who will eat me....

I even hv to find 4 boxes of present in mooncake boxes....

1st - a mooncake from hj mom's handmade

2nd- a bunch of keys?? if only there were for opening money vaults or carkeys for BMW or a big bungalow....haha

Sweets?? hmmmm.....sweet and happy??

Me wishing....
hehe, me blowing the candles :)

Me cutting the bluish ice-cream cake

A card - gift from tmc :) tqtqtq

vy creative rite??

haha, taking a peep inside the card :)

Thx to hj for this book :), though i have not read it, but i promised i will bring it over to read :), TQTQTQ

A lucky clover left from ms PurplE, pl...hehe. Grazie tanto o~ Guessed i will be lucky whole life then , hehe...hopefully lar

THe golden hand :) TQTQTQ

A special thx to ms Yvonne o....she came down to celebrate my bday only??? hahah, i oso duno....but she came....TQTQTQ

Danke sehr~ to all of u :),. MAy u all b successful and frenSHIP forEveR :)

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