Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching up events.....

PaintBall game....the long anticipated game......Finally i play it and experience it....haha. Thx to Randy for inviting. The group of > 30 ppl played at somewhere near sg.buloh. It was a gud experience holding the air-pressured gun, quite heavy....containing 200 bullets(which we think there aint 200). The shooting part and exchanging fire was fun too and vyvyvy thrilling, worried of getting shot, hide here and there, getting the best position and shot. Funny was the mask we wore will get blur with the air we breathe out withins minutes, and we are not allowed to take off our mask to clean. Very often, we were totally blind in this case and cant continue shooting......i was thinking should the organizers provide better mask?? Besides that, there's always a worry of shooting our teammate in front....haha.

However, this was a bad 1st touch to Paintball game too.......bcoz we felt like kena cheated.....we spent alot of time waiting, rushing and only almost half an hour shooting , worse still....we were asked to finish off the remaining bullets that we could not finish by aiming at the walls, saying it's for practicing target. I heard from frens that played before at other places that it wasn't like this, they can get to play for nearly 2 hours or until zero bullets and refill bullets. The shooting ground was small, we tot we can change field but we were just limited to 1. AND that COST each person RM50 for just that???

My advice is dun go to this place for paintball game....

Randy and Siew wen

The man of the match...he tried to poke the flag in the middle of the battlefield. He kena many shotssssss, the colourful t-shirt was his proof.
A mark after kena shot by the bullet....

Sort of a farewell for Ms ypy at haji Samsuri of Uptown damansara!!! Mr Cym brought us here. I din know there is anther Haji Samsuri so near to PJ, in fact i owez thot u can only find it in Kajang.

Ms wen qi and CYm
Our group photo shot :)
Food we ordered :)

We had chicken, beef, mutton,and fish.....the best is still beef, hahha. In fact, i think those BBQ at Kajang is still better than the one here, hmm....i wondered is it true for others???!!!

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