Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bday Karaoke v HouSeM@teS~~~

Thanx to my housemates for this karaoke + bday celebration at Green BOX. Nothing much to say but thank you very much :)

Mr Albert, the youngest of our family members singing.....

Sam and gf.....hehe, i finally get to c my fren a.ka. 1st yr roomate in college to sing karaoke....hahaha, bday boy rea;;y 'dai sai' , haha.

Houg, Albert, and Sam :)

WOooo...., look at these 2 pretty gals.....there are my 2 housemates le....singing with style!!!

Finally it's 12AM.....17th Sept 2008...MY bDay

Me v the cake FOC from Greenbox...u noe wat...it's not a bad idea to celebrate bday in GreenBox as the bday person get free karaoke and free small little cake with a champagne :)

Hehe, me cutting the cake :)

Group photo in the end....yeah!!!!

Thanks Dude.....

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