Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love AVATAR the movie!!!!


Watched my AVATAR with Vmax 3D in Sydney :). Overall it’s a GREAT movie for me, ranked the same as LOTR and Matrix in my movie chart!!! Good storyline, awesome graphic, creative designs and art,…etc. I shall not talk much about the movie synopsis itself but what i felt after watching the movie.

AvatarFirst of all, i must applaud the movie for its great artistic design of the AVATAR world, the creatures, the environment, the tribe, and all the robots and machines. Though it doesn’t stray off too far from what we see and know of the earth species, yet the design is able to bring in a fresh and whole new experience to me. The colours used were simply awesome, never have i imagine the use of fluorescence and glow in the dark design for the fauna and flora!!! Altogether with the design of the alien tribe look, everything blends in so well that you don’t feel bored looking at it again and again.

Avatar_4Secondly, i felt there’s a message that have been constantly reminded to the audience which is: “we cant take whatever we want.” which is exactly the same as we human on earth, we cant take whatever we want just like that on earth.  The human that are trying to take the special element on the alien planet by force causes the imbalance of the alien world and destroy their beloved place.

All in all, i fully enjoyed the 2hr half ++ movie , love it!!!!!


  1. I see yOu!!
    AvataR, I am lovin it^^

  2. I LOVE AVATAR THE MOVIE!!!!!!! best movie ever!!!!