Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 2 with the korean kids...

The day started off as usual, gathered in the hotel lobby, then took bus then off we go.

The 1st destination was the craft centre located somewhere in ampang. It was quite a nice place, with the wooden house, tropical plants. We went through the outer compound, where the artist made their paintings and sketching.

Next, we went into the craft centre, visiting around. We stopped by to watch a musical performance for a short while.

We also stopped by to make ourself some craft, a very simple craft, it's just a bamboo case and you paint it. Some student made simple wau. The students could bring back the craft as souvenirs.:)

After lunch with kimchi and rice, we went petrosains in KLCC. Haha, even the big boss who followed was worried and concern of the kids getting lost. We have to followed them and be alert all the time.

At petrosains , we were briefed on the safety rules that we have to abide with. THis was my 1st time to enter petrosains, haha. We have to sit in shuttle cum car sort of thing to get into petrosains. We were showed somepictures on the way in. Petrosains was really a place for one to learn alot, but mostly on geology, physics and engineering. There were alot to see, read and try on. this plage was really huge too..... there was even a session to learn about liquid nitrogen, where a 'teacher' will demonstrate on the use and function of liquid nitrogen, really interesting. Guess what will happen when a balloon was put into the liquid nitrogen?? what will happen when the balloon was heated?? what will happened to biological things then??

there was alos a helicopter simulation where it will take u for a ride across the oil platform in the sea. IT was quite nice, giving u the experince of siting in a helicopter, going the stormy weather.

It was already almost 4pm when we came out of petrosains, we have to rush around KLCC to do shopping which the kids longed. I could tell ya that the kids are damn rich..., converse, nike, adidas...all branded they wan to go....haha. I learned that those branded was sold more expensive in korea, which really surprised me. It was really a big rush, for we need to gather by 5.30pm. Gosh, my head was so 'big' to bring them around, he wan goggles, she wan swimsuit, he wan converse, they wan golf gloves......they wan to do some supermarket shopping.........not enuf time.........arggggggggggh...., headache.

Finally dinner....then local time (we guardians have to help them in studies or play games with them), luckily it was an hour local time instead of normal 2 hour local time. WE had a little snack party, ate what they bought, they chat and laugh alot, i can only smile though i have not a single idea what they were talking about.

Gosh, thank god, 2 days were finally over, it was really a tiring job....haha, though it's great too that i got to visit places i have never been to, and learned more on how to approach kids, made frens with them.............NOT bad lah.haha :)

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