Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pangkor trip....yeah!!!! 30Th AUG -1St Sept


Almost all of those staying at the west M'Sia been there before. So it's pretty hard to find some1 to step their foot on that island again. It's easily accessible as Langkawi, though i think it's not as famous as Langkawi, it still draw lots of tourists to it. So do i......., everytime i wanted to go Pangkor, they bound to be some1 who said they been there before, and it's nothing much to see. Luckily, my housemates - 2 gals and my Kuching roomate said yes to it, though one of them went before. Initially they were planning to go Xherating, and i suggested them Pangkor island. It was a pretty late and hurry decision made, arranging the bookings on the last minute.

WE drove all the way up to Bidor then Sekinchan to Lumut using the PLUS highway. Hehe, it set the record for my Kuching roomate to 1st time drive nearly 4 hours non-stop. It's yet another adventurous moments for me which we search for the shortest distance, then jz 'kia(hokkien)'. Very caution while on the road for we dun wana get lost and drive extra miles. But we made it all the way smoothly.......YEAH!!!!

Telok Anson....

Along the highway

Vast paddy field seen along the way....clear blue sky and green green paddy field.....YOU DUN GET TO SEE THIS IN KL NOR PJ, sad......

Finally we reached LUMUT jetty...Houg looking around.

BCheng anticipating and getting excited to see the sea!!!

Me v Houg and Xia :) The feel of sea breeze blowing against us is just so nice. It's been along time since i visited another island with beaches and such holiday mood (Dun count in Pulau Ketam, as Pulau Ketam is more of a fishing village on an island itself).

One can get to see Pangkor village which face the mainland along the journey to the jetty.

We stopped by the 2nd jetty called Pangkor Jetty which is nearer to the little Pangkor town. Most people stopped by here instead of the 1st jetty unless you stay on the northern part of Pangkor Island. We got our rented car (Thanx to BCheng for arranging a cheap yet comfortable transport), a kancil.

1st glimpse of the town are simple two rows of shophouses with mainly the Chinese as 'tao ke(hokkien)', selling mostly sea products, clothings , etc. There are many Pangkor taxis to hope on and sent you to your destination.
We got there pretty late dy, almost 6pm. Settled our dinner and to our place of stay. We stay on a more budject backpacker lodge nearby Teluk Nipah. The road to Teluk Nipah was pretty dangerous and have alot of uphill and slopes, some 15degree while some 35degree. The place we stayed are consist of more Malays. We were told to be more careful of ourselves there.

We spent the first nite jz strolling along the beach in front of us. Gazing at the stars, listening to the voice of the sea and chating. It's just so relaxing!!!!

The next day, we went for a boat ride and snorkeling, a RM25 package. Din bring along our camera, so no pics. SOri. It was very interesting to hear stories from the boatman telling all sorts of funny and AMAZING stories - Pangkor laut resort.....per nite > RM1000, foreign tourists like to dry their bananas and papayas on day time on the balcony whilst at nite......WHO noes!!! Then this and that hotel.......,Ms Michelle Yeoh frequent that island quite often...., breakfast costing few hundreds??? with superb services and spas in that private secluded island. Next, we were shown NATURE'S ART - different rock formations that resemble whale, a hand, foot, crocodile, tortoise, apple that have bitten by a WORM.......and small little plants that could survive on the rocks on their own. It's really amazing how such rocks ever existed. The boatman even picked up sea urchins and sea cucumbers to show it to us - the boatman had fun scaring people on boat with the slimy whitish gluey thingy from sea cucumber( really look like the sea cucumber ejaculated a whole lot of vyvyvy thick barley water, wahahahhah!!!) The snorkeling part at Pulau Giam was , well.......pretty bad and disappointing afterall - murky waters, though i can c the fishes yet it cant be compared to even KAPAS Island's experience (the only east MSia island i been to) and no corals.

After the boat ride, we began our island exploration. 1st off to Teluk Gedang....

Houg staring at the view....

BCheng, wat are you doing??

Next, to Dutch fort.....

Me n HOUG at the dutch fort

We went to this big factory selling all the junk food, sea products.....bought quite alot...hehe.

We went round the whole island, saw the airport and other beaches on the northern part, but too bad time is too limited due to we wanted to capture the we din explore other northern beaches or teluks.

Charlie's angel??? Nope..... 2 gals and 1 guy, heheh.

I really the photos below - of us jumping high with the sunset behind forming the shadows!!! It took quite a number of jumps to be able to get some pretty good photos, hehe. Rushing before the sunset 'hilang'.

4 of us.....IF ONLY we can stop time......

Near midnight, we enjoyed ourself at Daddy's cafe, a very nice ambiance, a higly recommended dine and relaxing place for people visiting Pangkor Island. I'm surprised many foreigners were there. The tables are located on the sandy beach under some shady trees with a few more steps to the sea with warm colorful lightings. The place is just right for a drink and chat and most of all, sit back and RELAX. Even best for couples. They had friendly and very hospitable waiter. We all really like this place.

Ms xia had a pretty lovely banana split at Daddy's cafe.

On our last day, as you can see the photo below, it's so hard to wake up...FATIGUE. haha

Still, we visit the temple nearby.....

Visit the rocks and another nearby beach, it so happened that the water here is much much clearer than the place we snorkel.....

I like this photo pretty much, it's the first time i managed to capture my housemate's sweet smile....haha.


We visited this 2 plants called " couple tree" , the boatman told us, it has always been the 2 of them on the rock, and they are growing taller together. IT''s so funny.

And the "couple tree" has a "light bulb" (the plant my friends stand beside) together with them, haha.

Well, a fun relaxing trip.....may our frenship be as beautiful as the little pretty colorful flowers below for always. :)