Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beethovenize!!! 24th July 09

Beethoven Festival in Adelaide!!!

Saw this event 1 or 2 months ago, and i knew i have to go!!! YYY??

They are playing my favourite symphony from Beethoven – Beethoven symphony No.7!!! This piece of music was the symphony that i like the most while i was watching the Japanese drama series _ Nodame Cantabile!!! A symphony filled with joy, strength, triumphs, and celebrations!!! Afterall, now i am able to experience this symphony No.7 live, what could be better than that!!!

The Beethoven fest was divided into 3 continuous days with three triumphant concerts of Beethoven symphonies and piano concertos performed by mainly The Australian Youth Orchestra and Grammy award winner conductor – John Nelson. Among them include piano concerto no.2 & 3, symphony no.1, 6, 2, 8 my favourite 7, and one of the best – No.9.

IMG_7970Invited few of my colleagues, and their frens to join along. Surprisingly, they agreed to come, haha, their reason?? Want to try out classical and live experience, haha. Bought our tickets and got cheaper price as we booked in group, haha.

The performance was GREAT overall, i didn’t know how to really appreciate the first symphony yet- No.2, haha. First time listen to it, but it was generally nice to listen to. The piano concerto No.3 was played by an international well known pianist named Herbert Schuch, i really love this concerto, duno how to describe it well, but i fall in love straight when i heard it (usually songs or music that can make me like them instantly are good ones, haha). One of my colleague said he is not as good as Konstantine, haha, but i think both of them are real PROs.

IMG_0781The last awaiting symphony No.7 got me very high and anticipating too. Got me wondering how good they will perform!! Overall, it was another GREAT performance, however, somehow i anticipated too much that i felt a bit disappointed because i compared them to what i listen to played by PROs in Berlin or Prague, haha. But again, i must admit this piece of symphony is REALLY hard to play and required many musicians to bring it to full strength/energy and there must be a VERY good balance between who’s the main melody. All in all, i enjoyed the concert a lot!!!

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