Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Willunga Almond blossom festival August 09

Willunga is a town located south of Adelaide CBD and during July-August (winter-spring), this town become one of the prettiest town in South Australia, yyyyy?

My journey
I setup on a mission to discover its attraction to draw people to this town on a August weekend. And from there to Sellick beach, Aldinga beach…etc, one of the BEST claimed beaches in South Australia!!!
It took ~1hr bus ride to get me there, passing though McLaren Vale, one of SA’s best winery region. This kinda became my LONG LONG walk……for my discovery journey of South Australia, haha.
Dropped off right at the Willunga market, a good place to start my exploration, to see the life and people of Willunga. The market is mainly groceries, fruits, cafes, selling plants, nthg very special. As it’s just pass the almond harvesting season, there are stalls selling home-made almonds in different tastes!! Tasted some FOC like honey, roasted, sea salt, and some weird flavours, haha.

IMG_8154 IMG_8155
Among the plants for sell in the picture below, one of them is BEETROOT – sthg reddish, and also appeared in cans as well, and favourite among some Australians. But i have never tasted beetroot before, because many colleagues of mine don’t like it, so i avoided since then, haha. Maybe i should really give it a try!!!

IMG_8157IMG_8160  IMG_8156IMG_8159
Now, after touring around the market, i asked around to know where would be the best places to see the almond blossom, and i was directed by the almond stall seller to their orchard down almond grove road, which is: “you probably can walk down there, about 3-5km?? or maybe you can catch the bus?? if you walk, u have to………You can also walk down there a bit………”, Oh ok…..hmmmmm,
Next, i was walking all the way trying to find my 1st almond tree!!! nearby the market there were a few, but vy young one, so look Ok lar, i hunger for MORE!!! So i walked and walked……
And this was where i discovered the first beautiful sight of Almond trees in blossoms!!! The pictures will do the job of story telling….haha

IMG_8161 IMG_8166 IMG_8171 IMG_8172
At the same time, as it’s early spring, everywhere is covered wherever and whenever possible by this small carpet-like plants with yellow flowers!!!! This yellow flowers blend in so well with almond trees!!!

IMG_8180  IMG_8204IMG_8212IMG_8174  IMG_8217 IMG_8219 IMG_8226 IMG_8228
Not very sure if these pink colours one are almond trees or not, haha, but the pink ones were much much prettier, haha.

IMG_8239 IMG_8242
Imagine you are the tenant of the house below, wake up from bed, open up your window and lookout from here……^.^

IMG_8246 IMG_8248
I walked and walked again, leaving the Willunga town far behind, not taking the bus, as i suddenly felt i really see A LOT and have many chances to take photos which i cant if i take a bus especially this road has only a few stops even though a VERY LONG ROAD!!!

IMG_8252 IMG_8255
Went into this DUNO WHO place, a piece of land that i cant resist to get in there!!!

Somehow this place is Willunga Waldorf school??? It has a couple of building or house in there, haha.

  IMG_8259 IMG_8276
Apparently this area also have a few vineyards, though it’s not the seasons yet, but it’s nice to see the vineyard line up :)

IMG_8280 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8286 IMG_8288  IMG_8294
Even though it’s not the planting season of grapes, yet the vineyards looked AWESOME!!!! What u see below is just wild flowers growing, and yet it looks like planted!!!

Finally, not sure how far have i walked……but SURE DAMN FAR!!!! i saw ALMOND GROVE ROAD SIGNBOARD!!! it’s like saw gold!!!! wahaha, and yet i still to walk quite a distant lagi, sigh!!!

  IMG_8304 IMG_8308
From far, i got very excited because i can see the whole almond orchard lining in parallel , haha, Really like strike 4D, wahaha. Though the trees looks quite empty, after bloom and harvest (different areas and age trees have different blooming timing) but the feeling was good still, haha, the almond tree here are VY old one, so they all looked big and full grown!!! Just cant help wondered how will it look like if i came here earlier when the whole line of trees were in full bloom!!!

IMG_8311 IMG_8316 IMG_8325  IMG_8332
IMG_8334 IMG_8335

Next, i was just walking habis Biscay road coz i dun like standing waiting for the bus that only come hourly!!! But the walk was so longggggggggggggggggggggggggg, how i wished i was in the bus then!!! Untill i walked almost habis the whole road, baru the bus muncul, sigh……tired, haha, but i’m cant wait to step my foot on Sellick beach, hehe!!!


  1. Oh, thanks. I feel like just finished my tour in Willunga. =D