Thursday, December 17, 2009

My ordinary life (3)

Can't live here without any junk/junk-like/cereal food to keep my mouth busy, haha.

Tasted few brands and different tastes of breakfast cereal, love the honey cornflakes, the cereals here come in more varieties than what is on the shelves in M’sia, with sultanas lar, with apple, chewy stuff…etc.

Tried this Lebanese bread (pic in middle) too, but dun really like it much, haha. Arnott’s biscuits is so common here and also come in many different various types lagi, slowly taste each and everyone of them, haha. Sapu a few when on good discounts, haha.

  IMG_6840IMG_7238    IMG_6834 

Of coz, i’m a choc lover, so can’t escaped all the different chocs here, wahahha. Cherry ripe is something different and taste good because it contain coconut and cherry!!! Sthg never seen b4 in Msia and if not mistaken not even in UK, haha. Spent quite a lot on chocs, haha. Cadbury is my 1st choice here, because of its relatively cheap and still taste good, hehe. These chocs bars sometimes became my travel food, munching these bars in the bus or during walk.

NYXIMG_6142 IMG_7260IMG_6875 IMG_7967   IMG_1238

Tasted South Australia’s most famous choc –Haighs, but din taste any much difference to me, except the dark and nutty chocs. Bought plenty of cereal bars lagi. Cadbury brunch bar is my favourite, hehe.

IMG_0648 IMG_7279IMG_1237

Easter day comes Easter egg shape chocs, wahaha. And one thing famous is hot cross buns, kind of tradition here to have hot cross buns during Easter. It’s just essentially potato bun with some sultanas.

IMG_7409 IMG_7278IMG_7253 

1st time bought ice cream in shopping mall during this summer, and this one here taste awesome with 50% discount!!!! Regretted that i didn’t buy more to store, hahah.


It’s summer again, hot hot hot and dry dry dry ……jesus christ, 39C today!!!! These were what happened during last year 47C heat wave, even chocs in A/C petrol station and shopping mall melt!!!!!! Can’t believe??? The woolies that have wide entrance have their whole stackes of chocs melted and have to be taken off the shelves!!! I was wondering then, why didn’t they sell it at half price or cheaper than that, haha. Wondered how hot it will be this year summer!!!! haha.



  1. cant believe that chocoloate actually melt in summer in aus!!

  2. wahaha, during heat wave!!! last yr heat wave continue a few days to 1 week i think.