Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My ordinary life (2)

Life is ALWAYS tough when u just moved into a completely new area, haha. Completely alienated and trying to accustom to the surroundings.

Luckily i pre-booked a place to stay even though it’s vy mahal. Yet the money provided me convenience in return, especially when i touched down, i don’t need to be in a constant worry and rush to find a place to stay. Otherwise, i’m actually allocated to staying in a backpacker hostel for 1 week, IMAGINE that cause hostel full and i have to try to get a permanent stay ASAP.

Anyway, the 1st place i stay is just nice, and located within the CBD, as i said b4, most places are within walking distance as long as u don’t mind walking, haha. And of course, getting a place to zzz is good, but the NEXT BIG THING to worry is FOOD, haha.

1st night??? Walk to Woolworth (Woolies) and bought some groceries to cook. And this was my VERY 1st home cook meal in Adelaide, haha. Just vege nia. Luckily there’s leftover kitchen utensils from previous tenants and i guessed some belong to the owner, so at least i can cook with the most MINIMUM, cooking with the minimum is frustrating and wasting time (No big knife, but only a small knife), haha.
Cooked the vege dish ( x rice, x rice cooker) i like a lot which my mum cooked from time to time. Turned out not bad, haha, all those helping in the kitchens few years ago did provide a bit of help, lol.

IMG_5514 IMG_5528
As the days goes by, without rice, my meals were pretty much just a plate of veges and eggs or hams, haha. Until the day i bought a 2nd hand rice cooker from a china gal which number i grabbed from the uni notice board, hehe. Those notice boards are a good place to source for cars, books, used stuffs, …room or house for rent, … etc.
 IMG_5533  IMG_5616

Prepared fruits for the lab XMAS Belair Outing, hehe. Imagine cutting the watermelon and the PINEAPPLE with a small knife!!!! OMG!!!! THE Pineapple took me ages to finish!!!!
IMG_5617 IMG_5620

As u probably have saw in the photo above, no kuali, no gas, it’s all electrical, so no gas bill but it’s harder to control the amount of heat. Oh well, afterall, it’s a western country, they dun cook very oily stuff and dun need “ chi-cha chi-cha” to fry their stuff.

And as the days goes by, i tried more varieties of dishes when i have time especially over the weekend. As of till Januart, my groceries still came from supermarket. Haven’t been to chinatown yet, haha. So my dishes were a bit limited.

The fried rice was quite alright by look but wahahaha, doesn’t qualify my taste bud, still i cook, i eat it, hahaha.

Maggi??? SHIT MAGGI, regret buying a packet which was the 1st and the last, wahahhaha. Duno why the maggi here so shit.
IMG_5618  IMG_5664

Slowly, slowly, slowly, more n more dishes and getting better, wahahhaha. At least there were some that qualified my taste bud. But of course, these were all home cooked style which mimic what my mum cook, hehe. As long as they don’t taste WRONGLY, it’s fine, even though lack of taste, because i have been trained  by my mum to eat “清淡“, haha. Sometimes, i have to call back to ask my mum of the recipe, lol, but always end up a short one becoming a long one!!!


“Dun eat tis or dat, but make sure u eat tis n dat, dun cook so oily…..dun put too much salt…..etc”, alamak, sigh!!!!
IMG_5665 IMG_5667  IMG_5697IMG_6135       IMG_6113IMG_6137    IMG_6315 IMG_6319 IMG_6643IMG_5765  IMG_6661 

This fruit was the easiest to prepare and eat, wahaha, compared to any others and relatively cheap too and can be kept in the fridge for hot hot summmer!!!

My life is bz and BZ n BZ especially when u r trying to settle down, and Aussies usually make their own breakfast and lunch, not only because it’s cheaper and also healthier (with fruit lagi). And generally, Aussies like to cook and do bakery!!! And me too, due to time constrains and $$$ problem (eating out is mahal at the expenses of my current rental), so my lunch and sometimes breakfast and even slowly sometimes became dinner, is bread!!!

I reckoned never in my whole life so far have i eaten so much bread and tuna (different brands lagi and different taste) in such a short period of time, wahhahhaha. But until now i haven’t upgrade my skills in preparing sandwiches or burgers, wahhaha.


  1. OMG!!!!!hw come i duno u can cook so well 1?????mana curry rice tat u show me tat day??dun hv pun, even i x percaya u cook 1,hahaha....i think i shud send some maggie to u,since u said maggie there so shit,hahaha:p

  2. Impressed!!! Never catch up with you for quite a long time, never imagine that you can cook, not only can cook, but can cook so well!!! Excellent!!! =) Ganbatte. When you back to Malaysia, must cook for us. =P And from your post, can imagine your look when on phone with your mum. lol.

  3. haha, cant believe le?? life teach one to do anything when they have no choice :)

  4. i agree with your last statement. Conditions do makes us 'learn'. YY have grown up so much~~~